The Brim of Desire



10. The Search- I

I was unsure of how I was going to go about this. What if Madhav doesn’t remember me? What if god forbid… he’s dead?


As soon as the journey ended, and we arrived at Target #1, I was shocked.


The house was brooding and neglected, the garden was overgrown. The light of the sun was reflected in the grimy windows and the house seemed to be studying me.


No, Madhav wouldn’t be like this. Nevertheless, old age makes people change. I decided to take a look.


I knocked the door, and it took a few minutes for the door to be opened. A gruff man with an unshaved and shaggy beard and hair till his shoulders stood aloof at the door.


“Yes?” his stentorian voice managed to croak.


“Umm, I’m Geetanjali. Do you remember me? Summer of 1960?”


“Who? I don’t know any such person. Get out now!” he roared raucously.


“Thank you for your time.”


I was really put down. I had gotten off as expected. God, if you’re there, please make sure this isn’t hard on me.


I put on a brave face and walked back to the car and saw both children looking at me with a disappointed look. Well, they’re children. If I don’t cheer them up, who will?


“Come on now, this is just the first! Nine more to go!”


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