The Brim of Desire



3. Sincere Apologies

G-2, Chanakya Chowk

Lane 1280

Raman Lal Street


29th June 1960


Dearest Madhav,


I love you, I really do. Trust me; I tried everything I could do to come to you. I’m placing this letter in the North wall of the city square in the hope that you’ll find it someday- or someone does.


I wish I could be with you. I’d do anything in my power to get to you. Talking to you- being with you, is what makes me happy. But will our happy story cease to exist?


Wait for me, please. I’ll come for you. Please don’t be mad. This is not a plea from a lover, but a desperate and helpless woman waiting to come to her love. I’ll come. Maybe not today, but someday. It’s a given.


But as much as I love you Madhav, I love my parents too. I’m a woman of my word. When I was born, I made an unsaid vow to my parents that I’d love, honour and respect them at all times. Both my promises are of love. It’s hard to choose.


Forgive me... If you can, if you have the power to.


With love,

Forever yours,



Varun was still staring at the words written in front of him, reading them again and again. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

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