The Brim of Desire



8. Revelations

After the long talk which had silenced them all, Varun escorted Granny to her room.


“I still can’t digest it! But why did she marry grandpa? She loved Madhav right?”


“Circumstances make people do things, little girl” I smiled at her.


“Very funny” saying so, she stuck her tongue out at me and we both laughed.


“So, tell me something about your fiancé, you dark horse!” she looked at me expectantly.


“Ah Mansi”, I sighed.


“Immersed in love eh?”


“No, I think I’m falling out of it as a matter of fact.”


“What?”, her voice became soft.


“Yeah.. I must be a complete stranger to you though, I don’t think you’ll be able to put yourself in my feet and take a look.”


“Try me..” she whispered.


“If you say so, it’s just that we have no time at all. We barely even talk anymore. She’s in America as we talk. I don’t miss her, much to my curiosity. I must be boring you, sorry”


“Hmm, I understand. And no, you’re not boring, you’re intriguing, my friend. Nice to know you have a sentimental side too!”


“I’m sleepy though, Good night”


“Good night”


“My, where are my manners, May I leave you at your room?”


“Wow, good to know you have them!”


“Whatever”, and within fifteen minutes, I was in bed.


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