The Brim of Desire



7. Regrets

Night was falling. The setting sun’s red rays lit up the sky above. The aroma of flowers freshly bloomed and soil recently turned felt heavenly. The wind was warm and our bare feet were sinking into the soft grass so you could feel slight blades between your toes.


Just as we finished our short walk in paradise, I heard a soft whisper in my ears, “So it’s true then? Granny? You and... Madhav?”


I turned to see Vandana and Varun standing behind me, and the latter had a knowing smile on his face.


“Yes, it was true. And yes, they were the most beautiful days of my life. You read the letter, didn’t you both?” I asked with a grin on my face, and they could do nothing but smile sheepishly.


“That night I was living in a coil of confusion. I know abandoning Madhav wasn’t right, but what else was I supposed to do? Nobody said life was full of easy choices, I didn’t expect it to be. At some point, we have to choose what is good for us over what we really want.


Besides, your great grand parents wouldn’t agree to Madhav, Vandana. You know, the very thought of him being close to him sent shivers down their spine! And marrying him? Out of the question.


I did what my parents wanted me to do because… it seemed right. But, I highly doubt whether my discriminative family would’ve even cared to look at the other mortals who surrounded them, it was so unjust. We pray to the same god, live on the same earth, are made of the same things- so why do we differentiate?


My voice being one of a woman’s, especially in the olden days, would obviously be shushed up.


I didn’t see any point in doing anything which would harm both of us; it wouldn’t serve the greater purpose.”


Vandana and Varun just stared at her, spellbound. They had no idea that there would be such hard wisdom behind such a soft face.


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