The Brim of Desire



1. The beginning

I was there. I was there, waiting for her. She said that she would come. She promised. She came into my life like a flash of lightning and stole my heart like a thief. I loved her so dearly- so much. She became the sole reason for my very existence.


On the day we were to become one, she abandoned me! Why, lord, why? I was waiting breathlessly under the big banyan tree where we had vowed to meet. My eyes looked in all directions searching even for a mere shadow or rustle of leaves. The rain poured on and along with the soil, it even washed away my only hope of being with my dearest- Geetanjali. I was scared to prognosticate what was to come. Even though I knew by then that the chances of her coming were ninety-nine per cent nil, my heart leaped like a cheetah and fastened itself like a leech on that one per cent of hope.


What and if are two different words, but when combined together, they open up and create a whole wide world of intriguing possibilities. What if she comes? What if she comes to find no one here? Regret is a worse bedfellow than guilt.


With that one ray of hope, I spent the night with the rain gently drizzling at my feet which produced a tingling sensation. Without realizing it, I’d fallen asleep. I woke up to piercing rays of sunshine. It was then when I knew that I had lost my beautiful angel forever.


Being a man of simple tastes, I didn’t understand the needs a woman of such wealth demanded. I loved her, she loved me. That was all.


My mind was a tumultuous mix of emotions. I chose to put blind faith in my love and it hit me where I couldn’t see.

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