The Depths of Space

Saidruck and his crew stumble across and ancient wreck in the depths of space. As they begin to investigate it and try to find out who it belongs to, things start to go wrong and Saidruck realises there is more to himself and this wrecked spaceship than first meets the eye...


1. Wreckage

           They say all things make sense in the light. They are wrong. Some things are best left in the dark, some relics best left undiscovered, some powers best left hidden.


            “What in the name of all that flies is that?” Saidruck exclaimed peering at the long range scanner. The touch screen showed a grainy image of a... a something, he wasn’t sure what. 

           “Truly sir, I have no idea.”

           The frigate F12V2.16, an exploration class ship, was somewhere on the fringes of the Viper system staring into the depths of space; its crew of Dinamitys all confused at the readings they were getting. Of all the races and factions of the universe, none bore any resemblance to this. Dinamitys themselves were large upright mutant rabbits, standing about one metre eighty standard measurement, with white fur and keen black eyes. They were roughly humanoid, other than constantly bent knees and their rabbit-like features.

            “Get us closer,” Saidruck ordered, his bridge crew, consisting of ten other Dinamitys clad in blue uniform, jumped to attention. Touch screens were pressed and orders typed; in response there was a roar like a great beast and the ship surged forwards.

            Saidruck peered at the screen as the image started to clear.

            “My word, it’s a ship!” he mumbled, for there, just about visible, was what appeared to be the wreck of a huge spacecraft. The image appeared on the main bridge screen and the crew looked up in wonderment.

            “What is that?” a Dinamity questioned.

            “It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before,” another replied.

            The ship was huge, easily two kilometres in length, making it larger than any Dinamity vessel, that it was a wreck was clear. There were holes blown into it, like some predator had torn chunks out of it, blackened scars decorated a torn and shattered hull. Debris slowly spun round it like vulgar decorations, the gun batteries were still, the windows and bridges black. It was a huge warship; the battle to bring it down must have been like none other.

            “Whose is it?” somebody asked.

            “Running the logo through the database,” a Dinamity replied.

            Saidruck studied the strange symbol that adorned the battered flanks of the ship. It looked like a capital ‘I’ crossed with a pincer, he certainly didn’t recognise it.

            “No sir, doesn’t show up.”

            “Then who does it belong to?” Saidruck voiced the question everybody was thinking. “Keep us on approach, front shields to full power,” Saidruck ordered.

            “Sir, we’re getting signals of considerable debris fields around the unknown vessel,” Saidruck looked and saw several concentrations of highlighted debris round the wrecked ship, small bits and fragments of metal.

            “Remains of whoever took this ship down?” one of the crew suggested. Saidruck nodded, clearly whoever attacked this ship had towed away the wrecks of their own ships, but left their enemy.

            A few minutes later and the small exploratory ship had navigated its way through the drifting scrap to alongside the huge and mysterious ship.

            “Now what?” Dinamity B78, Saidruck’s right hand rabbit, asked. Almost all Dinamitys have a code number instead of a name, as they are a very logical race and deem names unnecessary, a few however, such as Saidruck, do have names.

            “Contact Higher Command,” Saidruck replied simply. B78 nodded and tapped away at his console, firing up the long range communications array.

            “Ready sir,” Saidruck nodded in approval and picked up the handset.

            “Exploratory vessel F12V2.16 to Higher Command come in,” Saidruck began, intoning standard transmission protocol.

            He waited and was greeted by only static. “This is Saidruck to Higher Command, come in,” still nothing.

            “B78, have we got a problem?” Saidruck asked.

            “None that I can see sir.”

            “Exploratory vessel F12V2.16 to Higher Command, come in,” Saidruck repeated. Still nothing but the ever present crackle.

            “Nothing,” Saidruck remarked putting the handset back in its cradle and turning to the crew of the ship.

            “We appear to be having communication problems, from now on we shall function on our own under protocol three of the standard vessel code,” Saidruck ordered, which meant little more than they looked after their own ship as a primary concern, as opposed to their mission.

            “I’ll keep trying,” B78 added.

            “It’s probably all the debris interfering with comms,” Saidruck said, dearly hoping he was right.

            “Of course,” B78 replied.

            “Anyway, that still leaves us with the question what do we do now?” B78 continued looking out of the bridge window at the battered ship.

            “We are next to the wreck of a ship of unknown type, unknown origin and unknown race...there’s only one thing we can do,” Saidruck returned with a wicked gleam.

            “Go on board?” B78 asked.

            “But of course!”

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