The Styles Triplets

The three Styles triplets were some of the most wanted boys in the school. Well, at least two of them were. There was Harry, charming and cheeky. Edward, your normal bad boy. Then... there was Marcel, well, he was a nerd. No matter their reputations, they were always there for each other, but what happens when the new girl turns things upside down and finds herself in... triple trouble.

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2. The New Girl

Being 'the new girl' was never easy. As I walk down the hall, I feel all eyes on me and can feel the crimson blush creeping onto my cheeks. I should be used to this. I moved school almost every Summer, but as I said- it's never going to be easy. The hardest part of this all was having no one to confide in, it would be nice to atleast find one friend in this huge school.


Finally coming to my new assigned locker, I carefully enter the combination and place all my things inside. Just grateful that I'll no longer have to lug it all around any longer. Arranging everything until it's acceptable, I pull out my class timetable and groan internally at my first class... Maths. Great.


Ding Dong Ding


Swinging my locked door shut, I nearly squeal. A tall boy with slicked hair a large glasses gives me an awkward, lopsided smile. "H-ello. I-I'm M-m-arcel" he stutters, sticking his hand out and I smile, shaking it. He seemed sweet. Come to think of it... If I could just take off those glasses and- my attention is instantly drawn to a curly haired boy, casually strolling towards us. Woah. His curls styles perfectly and his piercing green eyes seemed to look straight into my soul. I watched as multiple girls focused on him and desperately tried to catch his eye. What if he tried to talk to me? What was I meant to say? He strolls past, to the locked directly beside mine and I can't help but stare. I hear someone clear their throat and I turn to see Marcel, gesturing for me to follow him. Maybe he knew where my nex class was. Sending the curly haired heartthrob another glance, I see him watching as I head off with Marcel...


After small, stuttered talk I discover Marcel and I are in the same classes. Thank god I knew someone! Unfortunatley, there was no seat available beside my new friend, but there was one right at the back, next to another vacant desk belonging to a boy I found out to be Edward Styles? Hopefully he was nice. "Well class, I see we have a new stu-" the teacher is rudely interrupted by a boy bursting through the classroom door. Damn... He was HOT. His curls framing his face, adored in piercings. He has multiple tattoos and find myself swooning. Chesire High definitley had no shortage on attractive guys... Without a word, the boy slumps into the seat beside me, giving me a  glance up and down. He grins but turns to the whiteboard, giving me a chance to examine his tattoos. He basically screamed- Bad Boy. He casually looks back over and I am  met with another set of piercing green eyes. He was dreamy. "The name's Edward. A gorgeous girl like you probably has a pretty  name" he said flirtatiously...


I think I was going to like it here at Chesire State High School... I think I'll like it alot

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