The Styles Triplets

The three Styles triplets were some of the most wanted boys in the school. Well, at least two of them were. There was Harry, charming and cheeky. Edward, your normal bad boy. Then... there was Marcel, well, he was a nerd. No matter their reputations, they were always there for each other, but what happens when the new girl turns things upside down and finds herself in... triple trouble.

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6. The girl who fainted on their doorstep

My eyes flutter open and I take in my surroundings. Plain blue sheets covered me and I looked around at multiple posters covering the walls. This was definitey not my room. Where was I? Remembering back to last night to hopefully piece together the puzzle. Oh... Was I still in the triplets house? It was weird to refer to them as 'the triplets'. I was so used to just Marcel, Edward and Harry. No strings attatched.


"Oh, sleeping beauty is finally awake." I jolt at the sudden voice coming from the doorway. Harry smiles back at me and takes a seat on the bed. "Where-what..." I trail off and he chuckles, watching me with those bright green orbs. "Well, you fainted. So, we took up trip to your parents and they said you could stay the night, since they weren't too keen on dragging your unconscious body home" I giggle, trying to imagine my petite mother and father trying to carry my down the street. "So, anyway. Edward carried you up into my room and here you are now" he finishes, giving me a smirk.
"Oh my god, I fainted? Nice first impression 'aye?" I feel my cheeks go red, I was doing a lot of blushing around these boys. He chuckles again, shrugging his shoulders. "Hey, I'll never be able to forget the girl who fainted at my doorstep. Quite flattering actually" Harry was such a charmer, and I wasn't going to lie and say I didn't find her very... Very attractive.


Marcel comes scurrying in and gives a sigh of relief. Probably glad I hadn't given myself some sort of concussion. "G-goodm-morning. Uh, do you w-want some b-breakfast?" I was getting used to Marcel's quirky word-stumbling. I'm guessing Harry was pretty used to it aswell. "Morning bro" he answers.

"Morning Marc, uh... Food sounds great" I instantly feel my stomach growling, I had missed dinner last night due to my dramatic faint on the styles doorstep. Wow, I was embarrassing. "Well, come on, we'll all go downstairs" Harry offers me his hand and I take it, and hop out of the warm bed. Looking down I nearly gasp, what was I wearing? I definitley wasn't wearing this last night... I definitley wouldn't wear this EVER.


Short football pants barely covered my bum and an oversized Rolling Stones band tee covered my upper-body. One boy came to mind, Edward. That means... Oh no. He saw me naked!? What a pervert! He was not going to get away with that. I was unconscious and he- he... Argh. Sensing my concern, Harry rubs my hand, which I notice he's still grasping. "Don't worry, Edward isn't as horrible as he makes himself seem" Marcel nods, agreeing with Harry. I found that hard to believe. The boy undressed an unconcious girl! How horrible can it get? Edward better hope he has a good excuse...

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