The Styles Triplets

The three Styles triplets were some of the most wanted boys in the school. Well, at least two of them were. There was Harry, charming and cheeky. Edward, your normal bad boy. Then... there was Marcel, well, he was a nerd. No matter their reputations, they were always there for each other, but what happens when the new girl turns things upside down and finds herself in... triple trouble.

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9. 'The Bro Code'

In a daze, I smile back at Edward as he hops back on the bike and rides off. It felt weird being back home and as I shut the door I greet my parents, who are lounging on the couch. Typical, they didn't even notice I was gone. Not that I cared. I head up stairs and collapse on my bed, I didn't realise how tired I was until now. Shutting my eyes, I drift off to  dreamless sleep.




Beep beep beep beep

I spring out of my slumber and smack my alarm clock to stop the continuous beeping. Alarm clocks, because every morning should start with a heart attack. I sigh, throwing the covers off my half naked body. Getting up, I tie my hair into a messy bun and chuck on some slacks and an old jumper. Today was going to be a relaxing day before going back to school tomorrow.


I pour myself a small bowl of cereal and pull out my phone and scroll through my texts to see messages from Edward and Harry.

Edward: Hey, had a great time xx Sweet dreams

I can't help but smile at how charming he could be when he tried...

Harry: Movie night with Ed & Marcel. You wanna come over?

I think for a moment before sending back a quick text

Yeah, sounds fun. Be there at 5.

It was weird to think I'd only been in this town for 3 days and I've already spent more time at the triplets house than my real home... These boys were like my best friends. After yesterday, I didn't know where Edward and I sat. I really like him but... I was kinda new to anything to do with boys so I don't know what to really do. I guess I'll just have to ask him tonight.





Smiling at my reflection before heading out, I walk to the boy's house down the road. Harry greets me at the door and tells me that Edward's in the shower and Marcel is studying. "Typical Marcel, trying to cram in a few extra seconds of study" he says and I smile, sound exactly like something Marcel would do. Harry invites me to sit down on the couch and I decide to just be straight forward with him. "Harry... Why do you seem so 'keen' on Edward and I?" he tenses for a moment but just shrugs. That's it? "Is there something you're not telling me" I push out my bottom lip and pout at him and he breaks... Yep, works everytime. "I- we... It's the 'bro code'" he says simply. Bro code? What was that supposed to mean?!



Not my best chapter... but still... hope you enjoyed :)

Any clues as to what you think this 'bro code' is? ;)

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