Emo heartbreak

A girl named amber is emo and hated for it then a boy moves to her school and love and heartbreak happens...leaves amber in a depression


5. Next day......

I wake up and I wake up Matty and said get up its time for school so I got ready and so did he and then we walked up to school holding hands then he walked up to kyler and said you bitch and punched kyler so hard it knocked him out then Matty yelled if I ever find out that you beat amber again I will kick your ass then I went to grab him and he said get away from me and walks away then I walked up to the playground and sat on a swing and started crying thinking about everything that's happening and about Matty and kyler......then Matty walks up to me alone in the swing and says past the 3 months you haven't told me you've been beaten by kyler....I said well I was scared and honestly I don't need this from you at the moment Matty so go away or I will go away...so he left and I sat there for hours and I got up and went home to go to sleep.....after that me and Matty avoided each other and kyler didn't say anything to me for 4 months 

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