Emo heartbreak

A girl named amber is emo and hated for it then a boy moves to her school and love and heartbreak happens...leaves amber in a depression


2. Moving to my new school...

So the usuall I move into my new house and the alarm goes off for me to get up so I get up straighten my hair and put on my makeup wearing the most emo clothes I possibly have...and start walking to school then I noticed my neighbors house looked empty and old like no one lived there...so I just walked quickly past it when I seem this tall long blacked haired boy that looked emo walking a few steps in front of me ....so when I got to school everyone started pointing at the emo looking boy and saying there's the cutter so I looked around as people stared at me saying look at the new girl wow she's looks emo and I bet she cuts so I ignored them and walked into to class when I seem then emo boy sitting in the back so I went back there and sat with him....and all through class he never lifted his head up...then the bell rang for lunch and he walked in there with everyone making fun of him and stuff so then he walked out to the bathroom I followed him into the guys bathroom I wasn't  thinking about that and he turned around and said stop spying on me...so I said I'm not I'm not spying I just know how it feels to be picked on by people so he said this isn't elementary school anymore this is high school so stop acting like your all innocent....he walked out and left me with my mouth wide open...so I walked home and looked at my window to that old creepy house and seen that the emo boy walked in the house so I walked over there and knocked on the door I heard him walking down the stairs then he answered the door.......and said how do you know I live here I said well I live next door.....he said well what do you want...I said you don't have to be rude I just want to be friends.....he said hi then shut the door in my face......so I went home and went to sleep crying.....:(

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