Emo heartbreak

A girl named amber is emo and hated for it then a boy moves to her school and love and heartbreak happens...leaves amber in a depression


1. Going to school..

Alarm.....goes off::: ugh not another horrible day....so I get up and straighten my bleach blonde hair and put my black masacara and eyeliner on then put on my panic at the disco shirt on and my jeans with my vans and I walk to school when it's about to rain so when I get to school everybody starts pointing and saying there's the cutter and eww it's a emo look there goes emo bitch...so I start to cry and walk slowly into the bathroom to fix my makeup hoping my day would be better then I realize I'm late to class when I walk In everybody says I bet she was cutting look at her wrists so I put on my black jacket then the worst bitch says go ahead and hide your scared we all know they are there...I just ignore her after that a really cute but mean ass boy comes up to me and says "hey babe you wanna go out" do I thought maybe if I went out with him I would be liked more..so I said yes....then I left school feeling wanted by someone who is cute af then I get home relizing I got to move to a different school the next day so that crushed me....the next day

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