Emo heartbreak

A girl named amber is emo and hated for it then a boy moves to her school and love and heartbreak happens...leaves amber in a depression


4. Going out with kyler

So I get up for school and get ready then I see Matty walking in front of me then I just walk up to him and hug him and said thank you....then he walked infront of me untill we got to school then a popular boy named kyler said hey you wanna go out and I said sure...then for the next few mounts we went out then one day kyler came over and my parents where gone and he beat me for not doing what he wants....and for the past couple mounths he had been beating me.....then he pushed me against a wall and started Kissing me and I didn't kiss back and he hit me so hard that he knocked me clean out....then I woke up naked with a note on me saying "thanks babe for the fun today you can have sex good for a person that's knocked out but by the way it's over and if you tell anyone about this I will beat you hard" then I put some clothes on and started crying and I ran over to Mattys in the middle of the night and knocked on the door he answer the door saying why are you crying come inside.....I told him that kyler raped me but said not to tell anyone...and Matty grabs me and puts me in his lap and hugs me this hug lasted for 30 minutes then I looked up at him and we kissed then we layed down and end up falling asleep.......

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