Emo heartbreak

A girl named amber is emo and hated for it then a boy moves to her school and love and heartbreak happens...leaves amber in a depression


3. Fighting for emo boys

So the usuallal I get up for school and get ready.....when I walk out the house I run up to the emo boy and say hey I haven't got a chance to get your name......he says its Matty....I say ohh well I'm amber and I guess you can say I'm emo that's what I'm counted as at my old school....hey says ohh cool I am to -laughs-......I said so Matty I think we should talk more he says sure but not at school and as we start to go into school he runs from me so I just walk into class with everybody laughing at me...saying look the new emo bitch...and there goes the girl cutter and now we got to emo bitchs at this school....I put my hoodie on then start crying into my jacket sleeves....when I hear Mattys voice say what's wrong so I lift up to see his face for the first time he had really pale skin and dark blue eyes with the cutest smile...then I say nothing and smile then a boy and a girl walks up and says wtf are you doing emo bitch...and pushes Matty into me so I get up and say don't mess with Matty you bitchs then the girl says ohh look miss emo is acting all tough then I punched her across the face and she slaps me and tackles me to the ground and I kept hitting her my hardest untill Matty pulls her off of me and grabs me and says come on and takes me to the nurse to see if I was okay....when I was at the nurses he left to go to lunch I guess so I ran out then couldn't find him nowhere then I realized that I liked him when I started crying my eyes out....so I just left school and went home and cut so deep I filled a whole towl up with blood....then I just feal asleep crying..,......,

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