Urban Rich Kids

Growing up in a small town called Battle Creek, the Cereal Capital of the world, spawning a diverse community of blue collar families among the few doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Two high schools that were prominent, one that consisted of all white people, and the other, more urban, more of a mix of every type of minority. Looking back at my childhood, I wouldn't change my high school for anything. Although an established adult, with a BA from a Big Ten school, I find that street smarts and common sense are more important than anything you can learn from a text book. If you don't have thick skin, this town of hustling and abusive addicts, would eat you alive. You'd never think that it was possible for a city now referred to as Battle Crack could be in so much need of being put on the map, but it's worthy for an interesting read. Urban kids with parents that had money...we were invincible, doing every Illegal thing possible, know our parents would bail us out.....until now.


2. Invincible Us

It's never about where you are physically, I'm still trying to come to terms with that one. It's what you do with where you are. A city is what you make of it. Unfortunately, Battle Creek has mastered the skill of bringing people down. I too am a victim. Somehow, I managed to become functional regardless of what my fix was. If you look at it, there's not a lot to do. You've got a lot of street smart kids from Central that all come from good families. We think we're invincible because we're adaptable, have common sense, mom and dad with money to bail us out, and have a sense of 'urban' in our blood. It gets us far. If we get out.

Not that I'm any better than anybody else in this city, I seem to do a good job at psychoanalyzing situations because I've lived them all. I've also been blessed with the tools required to get me through a situation or my life. My dad taught me how to use them when I became agoraphobic. See.....told ya I'm crazy. Let's see......from college until last fall, I was a functioning alcoholic and didn't even know it. I remember going into Bosch Headquarters in Farmington Hills and asking myself how many days that week I thought I could show up sans a hangover. It may have been one day, but I asked for more. The hangovers went away as I got better at drinking. I was a rich, self made, spoiled brat in demand. I hopped from job to job making headhunters a lot of money. My arrogance that spawned from the aforementioned about us 'street smart middle class kids' , and I didn't care. So I burned bridges. My resume cannot have EDS, Siemens Automotive Headquarters, North America Toyota Headquarters, BOSCH, Stryker......see that beautiful trend of burning bridges? I get around it by forcing a company to meet me when I decide I want to work for them. Once I prove I can talk and be personable and am a nerdy tech, I'm sold. I'm blessed with a personality to mask what a nerd I am. It's hard at times. Always starting a new job, I'll walk in and people write me off immediately. They assume I got hired because the manager thought I was hot. I have to work hard to prove I know more than them. And I don't feel it's justly warranted. I know. Poor pretty girl, right? Well, if you don't think you're pretty, and you know you're an addict that's allowing you to get through your day, you stop giving a fuck, and go through the motions. Eventually, you become even with the 'real' tech, and then excel. That's me.

Several people that have never left my home town are just the same, but in trouble because they'e still on the streets. Nobody has been put in an environment where they've had to do what I did. We chose different paths though. Know why 3 years after moving home from Dubai I'm still in this chaotic mess of a city? I'm an addict. Or was. How'd I make money? I fronted as a substitute teacher, but got over on my psychiatrist when I found out how much pharmaceuticals went for on the streets. No way was I going to babysit a bunch of high school punks for $65 a day when I could make $500 of a bottle of Adderall or Xanax. And that'd be the street in us kids talking, if you consider how us urban rich kids were raised

Nobody there is stupid. Our whole lives we were taught to get over on people and hustle, hustle, hustle. If not, we had no money, much less anything to do. To think about this blue collar city that is so lackluster, reminiscing on it feels like you're looking at a black and white Ansel Adams photograph, but of an artist with a cynical mind.  What does it have to offer? Jack shit. So you better get your fix before you die of boredom. Luckily I knew when to stop. I told my mom on myself so she could take my scripts from me and doll them out as prescribed. Humbling for a 37 year old. Right? But if I didn't, I'd be a junkie looking for methadone or whatever to avoid getting dope sick.

Battle Creek is looked upon as a small little country town, when in essence, it's a small version of the most corrupt parts of a bigger city. It IS the New Jack City. I don't judge anybody that's locked up. They all deserve breaks since the city had nothing to offer. Not a single person is doing a single thing different that the anybody else, we all just run with different product. Mine was better than most....it's government issued, synthetic cocaine, or heroine. Real talk.

Last night I stayed at at the cities biggest O.G.'s house, I keep him on his methadone and keep him from getting depressed, while he teaches me the tricks of falling out of the hustle. A good friend called and told me that another friend of ours was back in prison for heroin. The reaction of my friends dad said  more that one could imagine. He offered to go and get the drug from my friends apartment so he wouldn't get in trouble, even though he already had a few felonies under his belt. 

We're spoiled. We have people like him, our own parents, and friends by association that are willing to help keep us out of trouble. Nobody realizes it until they fuck up, but all of us kids in the Creek have a story to tell. We all have a story to tell, and will some day, but I think we have a lot of resolve with things we did that are bringing are demons from the past forward, and ruining some, while others are able to keep them on the back burner to marinate. With our friends dad was at the empire of the hustle here for 35 yrs and never caught, he was also willing to allow it to crumble to help our friend out.

Look at all of this from our eyes. We weren't really dealt a fair deck, but when you look at the whole scheme, it appeared we did. We lacked a very important tool.....strength, confidence, and self esteem. We all still do. But we get by. Now, we're more aware of everything, and have respect for older friends and family that were always there for us no matter what. I'm happy to be from Battle Creek. I wouldn't be me. But I'll also be happy to leave.

This is the only city where you can never talk to a person you whole life during school, and get in touch and talk like best friends. It happens all the time. This city is blessed and cursed at the same time. You have people like the girls who went to the all white school, who don't want to do anything but be a trophy wife, and they screw it all up for everyone when they try to date somebody from Central, thanks to their lack of understanding about how we lived in our little group. Most don't know better though. They're simple. And it's no fault but their own. I know none of this makes sense, as I'm not piecing anything together. But there's enough info here for you to find a trend. Nobody from this seemingly perfect childhood is alone in feeling like they've taken the wrong path. Some just get caught. Any of us could have. Look how many already have! If I could write about all of the stories and trials of endurance, adrenaline, and back stabbing that we were running from daily, I could travel the islands, backpack through Hungary, and become a freelance writer in whatever country I ended up broke in so I could get money to keep on moving.....things will come together. They always do. I don't need a plan. I have a lot to feel blessed about. Nothing is wrong with any of us. We all are at fault by not trusting anybody, and having thick skin, which are really two things people lack, and ends up becoming the demise of them. Some days are better than others. But for the most part, the better days are VERY far and few between. It's amazing that I was able to become the successful person I once was when using hindsight. But it also helps me to understand why I am where I am mentally, emotionally, and physically. My upbringing brought both amazing experiences upon me, as well as ran me into the ground. You'd think after living it, you'd learn, eh? Sometimes, things never change. I have a lot of growing to do so I'm no longer stripped of everything I once was. Things will get better. They always do. I hope. 



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