Urban Rich Kids

Growing up in a small town called Battle Creek, the Cereal Capital of the world, spawning a diverse community of blue collar families among the few doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Two high schools that were prominent, one that consisted of all white people, and the other, more urban, more of a mix of every type of minority. Looking back at my childhood, I wouldn't change my high school for anything. Although an established adult, with a BA from a Big Ten school, I find that street smarts and common sense are more important than anything you can learn from a text book. If you don't have thick skin, this town of hustling and abusive addicts, would eat you alive. You'd never think that it was possible for a city now referred to as Battle Crack could be in so much need of being put on the map, but it's worthy for an interesting read. Urban kids with parents that had money...we were invincible, doing every Illegal thing possible, know our parents would bail us out.....until now.


1. How It All Started

The small, blue collar town that we grew up in. Looks nothing as this picture, as corruption has run the city down.

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