Brielle (Bri) Nultons has a perfect life, homecoming queen, super hot all star athlete boyfriend Harry, tons of friends, beauty, anything a girl could want. Her life turns upside down when she meets the new kid, Liam. Extremely charming, super smart, no temper. She'll be stuck in the middle full of drama, fights, romance, emotions. Who will Bri choose?


2. The Football Game

"Hey babe!" my boyfriend Harry screamed to me over the wild crowd of high schoolers. "Hey! How's it going?" I screamed back. "It's going great! We are definitely going to the playoffs!" He said with a cheeky grin. "Styles! Stop flirting and get out here!" Coach Landon screamed. "Sorry Bri. Got to get out there. Wish me luck! I love you!" he said as he quickly put his helmet on. "Love you too." I said. "Bri? Bri! Over here!"  I looked all around the stadium. "BRI!!!" the voice screamed again. Oh! It was Avaline, my best friend. We've been friends since 4th grade. "Hey Ava!" I screamed. "Get up here!" she screamed.   I climbed up the bleachers and sat next to her. "Sooo.. how are you and Harry?" she asked mischievously. "Shut up!" I laughed and playfully hit her shoulder. "He's great. I introduced him to my parents 2 days ago."  "And?!"  "They loved him!!" We both screamed in happiness. Luckily no one could hear us because it was a high school football game. "Awesome! So what did you do after that?" she asked raising an eyebrow. "Nothing crazy. Just when I took him to see upstairs we.. well." "WHAT?!?!" "We made out on my bed." "Girl! You love him!" "He's my world." I said dreamily. BUZZZ! Game finished. Yes! We won! Harry said he would take me to see where all the players sat and the room where they rested. Just then I saw him signaling me to come down. "See you later Avaline. Love you!" I said rushing down the stairs. I quickly opened the gate and literally jumped on Harry. "Congratulations!" I screamed with joy. "Thanks!" he said kissing me on the cheek."Come here. I'll show you around." he said. He took me into a room full of sweaty, sexy boys. Yum. "This is where we relax. You should stay down here with us sometimes." Harry said. "Bri!" "Hey Bri." I heard some firmiliar voices say. "Hey everyone!" I said REALLY cheerfully. "Hey guys-back off she's mine" Harry said playfully as he kissed my cheek. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Brielle Nultons." Crap. I completely forgot he was on the team. 

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