Brielle (Bri) Nultons has a perfect life, homecoming queen, super hot all star athlete boyfriend Harry, tons of friends, beauty, anything a girl could want. Her life turns upside down when she meets the new kid, Liam. Extremely charming, super smart, no temper. She'll be stuck in the middle full of drama, fights, romance, emotions. Who will Bri choose?


1. Meet Bri

Hi. My name is Brielle Nultons, but most people call me Bri. I'm 17 and well.. I'm pretty popular. Actually, really popular. Not like snotty rich girl popular, but you know, I have a lot of friends, my boyfriend Harry is the RJHS football quarter back, and I was homecoming queen. Sounds pretty nice, huh? But at home, my dad is always on some kind of business trip, and my mom is workaholic. So, I usually just have my 2 brothers to worry about. Ezra is 20 and getting ready for college in 2 months, and Ryland is 11 and drives me up a wall. But over all, I have a pretty nice life. But it all changed when I met the new kid. 

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