Brielle (Bri) Nultons has a perfect life, homecoming queen, super hot all star athlete boyfriend Harry, tons of friends, beauty, anything a girl could want. Her life turns upside down when she meets the new kid, Liam. Extremely charming, super smart, no temper. She'll be stuck in the middle full of drama, fights, romance, emotions. Who will Bri choose?


3. Holger

"What do you want Holger?" I said disgustedly. Holger Mredstone was my ex boyfriend. I broke up with him because he was taking it WAYY too fast. "Oh just what I've always wanted from you." "Holger, I'm not letting you have sex with me. Ever. And besides, I've moved on. Harry is my boyfriend." I said rudely. But I didn't care. I hate Holger so much. "Wait- what?" Harry said confused. "Oh it's nothing, it's just that Holger and I used to date and it didn't work out so well." I said calmly. "Yes we did." Holger said. He got up off the bleachers and started circling me and Harry in the most uncomfortable way possible. "You know Harry, Bri is quite a good kisser." he said while he licked his lips. I could feel Harry's fist clench as he said that. "Yes, yes she is." he said as he pulled me in for long, sweet kiss. It literally last 20 seconds. I heard some whistles and "damns" in the backgrounds but I didn't care.  As we let go I looked Holger, stunned and upset. Cha-ching. "Come on babe, lets go." Harry said grabbing my hand. As we walked out, Harry stopped. "Hey Bri, since its Friday and your dads gone and your mom is always asleep early, maybe I could come over and.. hang out." he said mischievously. "Sounds great." I said hopping in my car. We've been waiting for this. 

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