Brielle (Bri) Nultons has a perfect life, homecoming queen, super hot all star athlete boyfriend Harry, tons of friends, beauty, anything a girl could want. Her life turns upside down when she meets the new kid, Liam. Extremely charming, super smart, no temper. She'll be stuck in the middle full of drama, fights, romance, emotions. Who will Bri choose?


4. Fun Night ;)

As we pulled up to my driveway, I parked my car in the garage. "Harry, you have to be extremely quiet, okay?" I whispered. "Don't worry babe. I'll be as quiet as a birds wings!" he said then started flapping them like and idiot which made me laugh loud. "And no stupidness!" I said. I got my house key out and opened the door quietly. We tiptoed up to my room. When we made it in my room, Harry jumped on my bed. He sat up, and patted his lap signaling me to sit on it. I came over and carefully set my butt down on his thigh. He started bouncing his knee up and down and then he knocked me on my soft bed. Then he suddenly hovered over me and kissed me roughly. Then he stopped and lay beside me. We were face to face just staring. Then Harry wrapped his leg around mine and put our crotches together. My breath and heart rate started going up faster when he did. He started tickling my belly, which he knew was my tickle spot. I was uncontrollably laughing like an retarded seal. "H-harry! Stoooop!" I said laughing. "No! Seeing you smile is such a good feeling!" he said grinning. Then he stopped tickling me and slid his hand farther up. I let out a small whimper when he went all the way up. Then he let go and brushed my lips lightly. He wrapped his arms around me tightly. "I love you Bri. You are my everything. I can treat you so much better than Holger. Believe me baby."  "I do believe you Harry." I whispered as I leaned in for a kiss. "Brielle? What was that noise? Are you okay dear?" Crap.

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