She will be loved.

A cheeky, but shy girl named Ashley, wants to go out and explore the world. She's always been interested in traveling. So for her 18th birthday, she decided to go visit London for the first time! Right when she arrived in London, a boy accidently bumped into her (Just like in every other movie or book) They start talking, and before she knows it, she's in a complicated relationship with Harry Styles! The news about them goes around everywhere, and everyone suspects their relationship, but they just cover it up with saying that they're just really good friends. They fall for eachother very quickly, actually he starts to like her so much within the first day, that he ends a little thing that he had with another girl. Their love grows by the minute, and before long Harry tries to propose.. (you'll have to read on to see what happens from there) Enjoy!.x


2. Off to London!

I woke up around 4 in the morning. At the least I was exhausted, with only about 3 hours of sleep. But I figured that I could sleep on the flight. One thing that I couldn't quite get out of my mind was the fact that I'd have nobody there to look out for me for months. I'm a very trust worthy person, but the thought of being completely alone kind of scared me. I've always been used to having the support of my family right there whenever I needed them.

But change is good.

On the drive to the airport, both of my parents were teary eyed, and I cant lie, I caught myself a few times tearing up, but only because the sight of my parents so upset, made me feel almost guilty that I was leaving.

Not much was said on the way to the airport, it was nearly quiet. But you could feel the sadness. It made me feel awful. I'd never been away for home no longer than a week. I of course assured both of them that I'd call them everyday, and occasionally write them all letters, just to make them less stressed.

It was maybe an hour until we arrived at the airport. My parents were done crying by them. They seemed happy for me. That I'd be doing one thing that I always wanted to do - Travel.

I hugged and kissed both of them, then went off to my flight!

I don't really remember much of my flight. Except for walking through all of the security, putting my bags away.. And that's about it! I must have fallen asleep within the first 10 or 20 minutes on being on the plane. The flight was 5 hours long, I'm not very social anymore, so sleeping was my best option anyways.

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