She will be loved.

A cheeky, but shy girl named Ashley, wants to go out and explore the world. She's always been interested in traveling. So for her 18th birthday, she decided to go visit London for the first time! Right when she arrived in London, a boy accidently bumped into her (Just like in every other movie or book) They start talking, and before she knows it, she's in a complicated relationship with Harry Styles! The news about them goes around everywhere, and everyone suspects their relationship, but they just cover it up with saying that they're just really good friends. They fall for eachother very quickly, actually he starts to like her so much within the first day, that he ends a little thing that he had with another girl. Their love grows by the minute, and before long Harry tries to propose.. (you'll have to read on to see what happens from there) Enjoy!.x


5. Another girl.

Harry kept trying to lead me into his bedroom. I knew how that went. I'm not that type of person, actually I'm not like that at all. I'm still a virgin. Harrys probably had sex with half of America, it was intimidating.

After about 15 minutes, the boys all showed up. They all looked kind of shocked. Niall patted Harry on the back "You found yourself a beauty" Harry looked at me, then looked back at Niall "Yeah I know, that's why I snagged her before anyone eles could" we all laughed. I sat up "Well, I'm Ashley" they all greeted me one by one with hugs. They were all so welcoming. I shortly sat down right back next to Harry.

Nialls point of view -

She's definitely a beauty. I didn't even think girls looked like her now a' days. I'm just kinda worried that Harrys going to use her. She's a sweet gal and all, but I feel like she'd give in, ya know? I'll try to have a good ol' chat with her later, just to clear up on some things.

Zayns point of view -

She seems like a really nice, outgoing girl. She's everything that I think Harry looks for in a girl, I hope they work out!

Liam -

She's just.. Wow.

Louis -

She's really beautiful, and if she makes my favorite lad happy, then it makes me happy! I really like her!

Harry just kept trying to get me in the bedroom, so eventually I just gave in, and walked with him into the room. He sat me on the bed. He looked really nervous. Finally after a few minutes of silence, he grabbed me hands and said quietly "we need to talk about something." I looked at him with confusing "what is it?" he hesitated, he looked like he really didn't want to say anything. "I'm seeing someone eles right now.. She's kind of my girlfriend.. But I don't know Ashley. I really don't" I let go of his hand quickly. "Then why would you even bother with me? Why would you call me all those names? Why did you even invite me here? It was nice meeting you Harry, I hope you have a good day" I got up and went towards the front door, Harry was following behind me.

He tried to pull me back constantly, saying over and over "I'm sorry. babe please lets talk!!" I ignored it. Trust me, there wasn't anything more hard then walking away from him. I wanted to run back into him arms, and feel safe with him holding me. But I cant. He loves her. He wants her. Not me.

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