The Gutarist (Another Cinderella Story)

My mom had died from cancer and my dad married a wicked lady but he didn't know and then he died in a car accident. My step mom had two mean teenagers. They just made me do chores but I occasionally had breaks. When I did I would fan girl and look up One Direction things. But mostly I would play the guitar I began to learn how to play guitar since I was in 4 grade. I would write and sing songs and preform them on the street and get money and one day the best thing in the world happened...



I was texting harry and talking about random stuff. I was trying to go to sleep but I kept thinking about harry. i really needed to go to school tomorrow maybe i'll run into him. UGH he's a singer why would he be in a school.

'Why aren't you asleep' my "mother" said coming in. she took my phone away and looked at who I was texting. 'a boy? im taking your phone away for a week'

'what why'

'my daughter isn't gonna talk to some boys and be such a hoe!' :(

'im not your daughter... GET OUT'

'you will not talk to me like that' she came and slapped me. Then, she left.


Sorry it's so short!

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