The Gutarist (Another Cinderella Story)

My mom had died from cancer and my dad married a wicked lady but he didn't know and then he died in a car accident. My step mom had two mean teenagers. They just made me do chores but I occasionally had breaks. When I did I would fan girl and look up One Direction things. But mostly I would play the guitar I began to learn how to play guitar since I was in 4 grade. I would write and sing songs and preform them on the street and get money and one day the best thing in the world happened...


1. My Life

My mom died of cancer about a year ago. My dad had married another lady and she was super mean and she had 2 daughters who were also mean. Sadly my dad died a month ago and I lived with my step-mother and her evil kids. I usually have to do my chores and then whatever I want. When I do whatever I always look up One Direction and fan girl over them.Or I wrote or sang my favorite celebrities songs and played them on the guitar. When I got it right I go on the street to sing the songs. I save the money I get for getting away from my so called family. I didn't go to school after my dad died my step-mom took me out so I wasn't that smart. I lived in London and had not that much friends I wasn't that close to them because I left school remember.


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