one direction imagines

just comment your name and the boy you want.. and dirty or clean!!
and this is my first time writing movellas.. hehehe, but i'll try my best! :)
happy commenting, i'll do these as fast I as I can by the way!! cx hehehe


1. you and harry, dirty imagine ;)

Starting now; you and Harry were watching a horror movie called 'scary or die', you thought it wouldn't be scary but you were screaming when the killer from the movie killed people, as soon as it ended, you felt sleepy. But you had to wash the dishes, then Harry came to the kitchen, he forced you to come upstairs. You and him went up to your bed, you felt a kiss on your neck. It was Harry that kissed you. You woke up, "Harry, why did you wake me up?" you said, "I'm bored, so I woke you up." he answers you. You went to the bathroom to shower before going back to sleep. Harry took off all of his clothing in your bed. He watched you undress yourself. You didn't know he was watching you until he touched you. You turned on the shower, you hopped on the shower as Harry hopped on too. He kisses you, you start a tongue war. But Harry didn't want a tongue war, he wanted to have sex. It has been 3 months that you guys haven't had sex. He plays around with you. You start the sex, you putted his penis in your vagina. "Fuck me" you said, "Y/N, I will do it harder and faster though, is it okay?" Harry replied, "yes, it's okay, Mr. Curls" you said winking at him. So, Harry started to stick his penis in your vagina in and out over and over again, "uh, Harry! faster! harder! fuck me even harder, your penis is fucking huge" you moan. As he did it even faster, you and Harry ran to the bed and covered yourselves with a blanket. He humps you faster and faster. He stops and plays with your huge boobs, he sucks them out and licks them. You crawled on top of him, You do the doggy style, as he moans you name, you even do the doggy style faster and faster. You guys hear a knock on your door. You and Harry quickly put on your pajamas, you run to the door. It was Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall, "where's Harry, did you fuck him?" Niall said, "no" you said nervously, "Yes, you did!" Zayn said. "He texted us" Louis said. "LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE." Liam said, "fine! we did it!" you said, "Hey babe. and the boys" said Harry, "Did you tell them we had sex" you said, "yeah, i'm sorry, babe" Harry said. "We should leave you two alone" said Zayn, "lets go" said Liam, Louis and Niall". You and Harry fell asleep on the couch. It was 9:39 am, you cook eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast and orange juice on the side. You wake up Harry. "Good Morning, Love" he says, you blushed. Zayn called, "Harry! we've got an interview, come hurry up, no need to have sex" he said. "I just woke up, i'm on my way, ice cream" Harry said. They were going to made a music video, it was called 'best song ever'. You saw the video, you thought Marcel was the sexy character. Harry came back, "Which character do you like the most, Love" he said "Marcel" you answered. "that's me" Harry said. You guys go continue having sex in your room. "You know the drill" Harry said. You guys had sex.



Hm, I hope it's good, :P I have to sleep! D: i'll continue this tomorrow? or this is enough? :3 yeah, k bye!

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