The Summer of Love

This was it. The start of a whole new chapter. Yes, Katelyn was a freshmen in high school. She got the hotter guys, better teachers so she thought, but most importantly she gets to have boyfriends. She thinks this summer is going to be the start of a whole new chapter, and it might be, but will it be the kind of start she was expecting.


1. The Start Of It All

This was it.  Finally, I had made it to Higgins Lake, Michigan.  As I stepped out of the car, I jumped into my best friends arms.  This week I would be staying with her and her family in her lake house.

"Katelyn!" ,Sammy called.

"Sammy!", I responded.

"OMG! I'm so excited to see you! We have so much to catch up on!" Sammy exclaimed.

"I know!"


We walked back into her lake house.  We were supposed to be staying in her dead grandmothers room.  Creepy, I know.  She thought the bed was too uncomfortable so we made it our closet and took the kids room instead.  It seemed fair enough we both get our own beds now.  It was like 2 am so we decided, hey we are already up, so we pulled an all-nighter.  Today is the Fourth of July and it was one of the craziest times to be at the lake.  Sammy just got a boat and her boaters license so we went boating for an hour or so.  Then, we pulled the boat back to the buoy and tied it off.  Sammy had a crush on this guy named Jackson so she text his friend Roger and asked if they could pick us up.  We are both 14 and Roger was 15, I guess his friend Jackson was 16.  Roger said he would pick us up, we didn't know when so we just laid out on her boat and tanned.  She realized she forgot her phone and ran up to get it.  With my luck the boys pulled in and I didn't know either one of them.  To make things even more awkward, I fell off the boat when I tried to stand up.  Roger asked me where Sammy was and said she had two minutes to get back.  Right when he got to thirty seconds she came running down the dock.  We got on Rogers boat and headed to South State Park.  I sat in the middle of Jackson and Roger.  I thought I liked Roger until he started talking.  No offense to him but he was a bit of a nerd.  The entire way to South State I felt Jackson staring at me.  Did he like me?  I thought he was cute but I didn't want to piss Sammy off.  We go to South State and walked with the guys.  They eventually said they were going to go off on their own and Sammy and I went back to the boat.  Two drunk guys tried to talk to us, but we ignored them.  The boys got back to the boat shortly afterwards.  Sammy made me sit in the front of the boat.  The most painful part of the boat I would say.  It wasn't cushioned very well and every time the boat hit a wave the person on the front seat would fly up in the air and hit their tailbone.  To make matters worse, mother nature wasn't on my side and I had a tampon in.  We got started in the boat and I was so scared.  I held on to the two handles for dear life.  Every time I would hit the boat, I would make that horrible face.  You know, the one where your mouth is open, your eyes are squinted and it's just the most unattractive face ever.  Every time I would make that face Jackson would say, "Look at that face."  I think he felt bad for me cause he offered to sit up in the front for me. I didn't refuse.  He laid down on the seat and made it look like it was the easiest thing ever.  He was so cute.  With his red hair and greenish bluish eyes and not to mention he had the best smile ever.  I think I really like him.  Shit.  We got back home and said bye to the guys.  They asked us if later we wanted to have a bonfire.  We agreed and went to rest for a little.  When we got into the room Sammy said I think I like Roger.  And I had just received the biggest relief ever!  She apologized because earlier before we met I told her I liked him.  Then I confessed I liked Jackson.  At the same time we sent each other text messages and said "SWITCH".  Later on we went to the bonfire.  It was really fun! We watched fireworks and let those lantern things on.  I was the only person smart enough to wear shorts under my sweat pants so of course I had to go get the ones that failed.  After the fireworks were over we went back to our house.  The boys left and we were in bed.  All the sudden I got a snapchat and you won't believe who it was.

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