That guy

Melody just moved to a new town in Texas. But she always passes this house that looks abandoned but she always see's a guy sitting in the window looking at her. He goes to her school but he never talks, and always listening to his Ipod. One day she see's him sitting all alone in the court yard. Read to Find out more.


1. Melody's match

Melody's pov: "Mel, you got to get up for school!" my dad's voice echoes through our new house. We only had time to unpack our rooms in the last 5 days. Don't ask why. Anyways, I walked into my bathroom and did all my necessary things before I walked over to my closet. I put on a pair of Grey Jeans, a T-shirt that said 'If Daryl Dies We Riot!' that had Daryl Dixon on it, and a pair of black High tops. Yes, I know I don't dress girly, got a problem. well, I don't wake up to impress you. I grabbed my messenger bag and ran downstairs. "Well look who actually got up." my older brother, Josh sarcastically spoke. "Look who got another pimple." I retorted poking his cheek. "Where?!" he darted up and over to a mirror. Man he cares about his appearance. My eyes look up to the clock to see the time. 7:10. Time for me to go. "Bye!" I exclaim slamming the front door shut and walking down the foot path. I pass by this really creepy warped out house that looks like nobody lived there for years, but every time I pass it, there is this guy who is always looking at me from one of the windows. I look up to the top window to see him, where he is every day. Looking at me. I walk a little faster hoping to avoid his gaze but who am I kidding, he already saw me. I keep walking until I get to the front gate of my school, Chisholm Trail High School. I walk through the opened gate and into the court yard, to see that boy who is always staring at me sitting on a bench listening to his IPod. I never really noticed but he has really nice, gray eyes. I noticed he looked a little sad, so I walked over and sat down next to him. he didn't notice my presence, so I tapped his knee. I looked a little scared, until he looked up to see me. he pulled out his Headphones and stuffed his iPod into his pocket. "Hello." he whispered looking down. "Hi. I noticed you looked a little sad, so I thought I could come over here and ask why?" he looked shocked that I cared. "Why do you care? Nobody ever does." he replied looking down sadly again. "Well if other people don't care, I will." I smiled at him noticing he returned it back. "Well what's your name?" I asked him. "Alex." he smiled. "Melody." I smiled back. "So what are you Listening to?" I asked looking down at his pants pocket to see his iPod peeping out. "Um, Black Veil Brides." he stated taking it back out. "Cool. I love them!" I exclaimed happily. "Really? i never met another person who liked them. Normally I thought everybody listened to One Direction and Justin Beiber." he stated a little shocked. "Well you haven't met another awesome person then."

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