Nothing Like Us

!D and JB fan fic.


1. Concert

( Danas p.o.v.)

Taylor ( My best friend/ sister ) and I were going to a 1D and JB concert. We got so lucky that they were performing together!

But, the best part was that we had meet and greet tickets!! BUT before we go on with the story we should tell you about ourselves;) I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I LOVE Justin Bieber. My favorite person from 1D is Harry. Im outgoing, stubborn, weird, and very innapropriate. Taylor has brown hair, and brown eyes. She LOVES 1D. Her favorite is Niall. She is very shy, weird, funny. She thinks shes ugly but shes really not. Anyway we are sooo excited for the concert!



Authors Note

Sorry that was a short chapter. We will update later.



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