Loved You First

Breeana Mcgrath Has known niall since he was 3 now you were 19 so you called him one day to hangout. he takes you to meet the rest of the boys. but what your abusve boyfriend didnt know u left loui had a massive crush on you but he had elanor so did niall he was single harry was to was it a love square? who knows?


3. Shopping & a movie

BREEANA'S P.O.V The next day. I got up from bed  made breakfeast for me cause i knew loui would  be asleep for a while. last night him and harry went to the club and he drank TO MUCH, So i knew he would have a hangover. so i ate, did my hair got on my clothes and wrote a not for loui saying "Hey lou, i went to the store with niall ill be back at 4pm so when i get home i though we can go to the movies since its my last day here so yeah when you wake up text me k bye Love~ Breeana :)" so i put it on his door so he can see it i left after that.LOUIS P.O.V i woke up with my head pounding oh yeah last night that was fun i got up and changed before i opened the door to go out i read a note from breeana. i quickly got out my phone.The time read 2:33pm i texted her. So i left the room and ate some breakfeast and texted Elanor. NIALLS P.O.V  Me and breeana got some extra furniture like a desk, dresser,and lamps ETC.. she got a text "who is it?" i asked "oh its loui i asked him if he wants to go to the movies since its my last day there"  "WHAT" i thought to my self wait he wont do anything he has elanor he wouldnt cheat on her.about 2 hours past of me and breeana having a grand old time we went to eat linner. after that when we were in the car i stopped the car at louis house "thanks niall i had a wonderful time"she said with a smile "no problem" she was about o get out but i grabbed her arm "Breeana can i tell you something? " i ask "sure" she gets back in i kissed her  then i let go of the kiss "Breeana i have known you for 16 years and i always had a crush on you i like you.. what am i saying i love you." she looked shocked. "its okay if you dont feel the same way" i say with my head down. then i feel a hand on my chin i look up then she crashed her lips on mine after our 10 sec make out i asked "Breeana will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?" "of course niall" she said. I was so releaved i kissed her goodybye she left then i did BREEANAS P.O.V niall kissed me i have always wanted that for so long but know were dating how am i gonna tell loui i think he likes me but he has elanor why should i bother?

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