Loved You First

Breeana Mcgrath Has known niall since he was 3 now you were 19 so you called him one day to hangout. he takes you to meet the rest of the boys. but what your abusve boyfriend didnt know u left loui had a massive crush on you but he had elanor so did niall he was single harry was to was it a love square? who knows?


1. Loved You First (Continued check out my mumbles to see chapter 1-4

You guys went to Olive Garden. You ordered  A small Salad with chicken. He ordered a big steak "Dang boy can eat more than niall ?" you asked "no you shoukd see what he eats!" you laugh when you finished dinner You went back to his house "Am i sleeping here?" :umm..  yeah if you want to is that okay?" "yeah but were are you sleeping ?" "on the couch " "no loui this is your house im sleeping on the couch " Breeana said as i handed her soem sweats and my baggy t " no im fine Breeana im okay i usally sleep there anyways" "why?" "when nialls drunk he passes out.. naked.. on my bed thats why there clean and fresh so dont worry okay" i said with a checky smile "okay" "before bed lets watch a movie yeah?" "sure" she went into the bathroom to change i got the popcorn ready  she came out she looked sey in my clothes i couldnt keep my eyes off her "loui u okay?" "umm yeah what movie you want to watch?" "u have toy story?" she asked with a smile" surprisingly i dont how about titanic?"  " i love that movie"  i put it in and sat next to her with the popcorn bowl in my hand. during the movie she put her head on my shoulder. i could feel her wet tears hot my skin "whats wrong love?" i ask " this movie is so sad" she said crying soon after she fell asleep  so did i   thats how u both fell asleep


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