Loved You First

Breeana Mcgrath Has known niall since he was 3 now you were 19 so you called him one day to hangout. he takes you to meet the rest of the boys. but what your abusve boyfriend didnt know u left loui had a massive crush on you but he had elanor so did niall he was single harry was to was it a love square? who knows?


8. Every Thing Is Going To Be Alright.

ZAYNS P.O.V I was worried about breeana. she was my sister to me. what if she doesnt live. i dont think she was alive when we carried her . thoughts raced through my head and  i tried to think of happy ones but all i could think was the bad once. they wouldnt leave my head. one after another i was doubting she would be alive. Its 8:00am .W e slept at the hospital . me and perrie were gonna get breakfeast when the doctor came.  "Are you here for breeana?" He said to all of us "Yes" Niall replied quickly "Well Breeanas stab wasnt that deep, But she will haft to stay at the hospital for 1 more night just to make sure okay?" "Okay" i replied "Can we see her?" liam asked "Yes 1 at a time" we disscused who would go. Niall was first then me & perrie since she didnt know her, elanor and loui, harry, & liam. After niall went in he looked sad . i didnt ask cause i wanted to see myself NIALLS P.O.V Breeana is okay i can see her ill have her  in my arms tommorw. i walked into the room. She was asleep. i went on my knees next to her bed. then i felt a hand on my head. i looked up to see breeana awake. "Hey Niall" She said with a sorta weak voice I quickly hugged her "Niall my Stomach " she sad "Oh sorry, what happened?" "I was at the store when i noticed someone staring at me i couldnt tell who it was then they followed me thorugh the store i confronted him or her to find out it was david i ran out the store and when i got home i went up stairs to call you and he stabbed me" "i quickly gaveher the most loving kiss "Im here now so dont worry tomorrow you can come home and i could take care of you" the nurse came in "the next person hast to come in" "bye love you breeana"i kissed her and left ZAYNS P.O.V i walked in with perrie she looked weak "Hi zayn, You must be perrie" she said looking at perrie "How did you know" "well i'm a directioner who happened to know niall for 16 years so im still a directioner and you to are going out am i right?" "Yeah" i replied "Well its nice to finally meet you " perrie said with a smile while giving breeana a hug i gave her a hug "how are you ?" i asked "good but my side hurts a little" "Who did this" i asked "MY Ex- David"  "the one who beat you? "yeah". we comtinued to talk then we had to go LOUIS P.O.V it was my and elanors turn to go in i was nervous to go in after what happenedive been keeping my distance between niall and breeana. i walked in and she look surprised i was there before she could say anything i ran up to her and gave her a hug and Whispered in her ear "Breeana im so sorry for what i did can we forget it its in the past and be friends?" i asked ehr she laughed "its okay loui just dont do it again okay?" "k" i said " hi you must be breeana im elanor" she said wiht a smile and hugged her "Hi how are you?" "good " so we kepy on talking then we left and the rest of th eboys were done we had to leave so we did 

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