Loved You First

Breeana Mcgrath Has known niall since he was 3 now you were 19 so you called him one day to hangout. he takes you to meet the rest of the boys. but what your abusve boyfriend didnt know u left loui had a massive crush on you but he had elanor so did niall he was single harry was to was it a love square? who knows?


7. Bad News

All i could hear was mumble, As if someone was talking. It was blurry i couldnt see who it is. Then i passed out. NIALLS P.O.V. Im in the studio and harry singing his solo for best song ever. I got a call from Breeana so I answered it. all i could hear was a man's voice say "if i cant have you no one can" then a laugh i yelled her name into the phone. "Niall whats wrong?" liam asked "BREEANAS IN TROU-" Before i could finfish i heard her " Niall help im dieing" i was schocked  i i quickly hung up my phone and told the boys to get in the car. Once we got there i walked up stairs looking for  her then i heard harry yell " I FOUND HER ITS BAD" I ran  to the room to see Breeana on the florr  blood coming out of her mouth blood were her stomach was i quickly carried her to the car and took her to the hospital. i rushed her in "SOMEONE HELP MY GIRLFRIEND!" I yelled . i ran up to the lady behind the desk "I NEED A DOCTOR!" The people got something to help her lay on i was walking with her "Excuse me sir you haft to stay here " "NO IM GOING WITH HER" "Im sorry sir your staying here" i Quickly ran to the waiting room and sat with the boys. even loui looked worried. Then perrie and Elanor showed up "Perrie come here" Zayn yelled to perrie "whos in the hospital?" she scanned to see if anyone was missing "Nialls girlfriend Breeana got stabbed" he said with a sad face "Niall you had a girlfriend? how come i never met her?" perrie asked me "i was suppost to introducce you and elanor to her after i got done in the studio and she was shopping!" "she asked if i can come BUT I FUCKING SAID NO! ITS ALL MY FAULT!" I said as i yelled everyone looked at me. I didnt care "Niall its okay its not your fault who knew this would happen?" perrie said while gesturing me to sit down. I sat down. Her and elanor sat down on loui and zayns lap.


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