Loved You First

Breeana Mcgrath Has known niall since he was 3 now you were 19 so you called him one day to hangout. he takes you to meet the rest of the boys. but what your abusve boyfriend didnt know u left loui had a massive crush on you but he had elanor so did niall he was single harry was to was it a love square? who knows?


12. At The Doctors

                                                                               Next Day


I woke up to no one there at first i got worried but then i thought he was down stairs my tummy was still small but showing a little. I got on my robe and slippers and went down stairs. I saw niall making waffles and bacon. "Morning Beautiful" he said looking at me real quick. "Morning handsome" i said with a smile. Then i sat down on the barstool. He hands me a plate with food "Does it taste as good as it smells?" i ask laughing "Babe trust me its the bomb!" i laughed and started eating "Mhhhh" I said. I kissed him cheek "Thanks for breakfast" i said "No problem" "So what time do you got to the doctors?" niall asked "Around 12 why?" "Just asking can i go?" "of course niall why wouldnt you be able to?" "I dont know i just wanted to ask its already 10 so are you gonna get ready?" "yeah thanks niall again" i said kissing him this time on the lips. I went up stairs and took a quick shower. After I picked out my pants with a loose shirt. I curled my hair, did my make up, and picked out my vans. I checked the time 11:30 we haft to go.i walked down stairs and saw niall ready. "you ready?" he asked me "yeah" we walked out the door and got in the car. Once we got there it was time to check on the baby. We walked into the room. The gel was cold "Okay there is the baby and do you hear the heart beat?" "Yeah !" i said holding nialls hand "can you tell if its a boy or girl?" niall asked "no not yet your only  2 months along when you are 6 months we can tell okay?" "okay" i said smiling "Now we can tell the boys" i said to niall "we could invite them to dinner tonight?" "okay"

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