Beauty & Bruises

She squinted her eyes as the pain of her father hitting her was getting to be to much, she knew if she continued living with her abusive mother & father that she would soon be pretty much dead, she was a popular girl, beautiful, rich, but no one knew the secret life she had at home.


3. Chapter 3-


The next morning Harry woke me up and he showed me to his sisters closest an dher bathroom. His sister had the cutest clothes ever! I picked an outfit out and then took a shower. After my shower I looked around her bathroom. I did my makeup an dcurled my hair. I walked out and went over to Harry's door which was closed. I knocked and heard him yell to come in. I walked in and he only had pants, shoes, and a necklace hanging from his chest. I smiled and sat on his bed while he put a shirt on.

"You like my sisters closest?"


"Good." I smiled and grabbed my bag from besides Harry's bed and he opened his door.

"Shall we head to school now?"

"I guess so." I got up and walked out and he followed all the way down to the last step. Marcel was just about to leave.

"Oh Harry, mum took your car her's is in the shop and my friend is coming to pick me up." I looked at Harry and he huffed.


"I'll drive. My cars here so." Harry smiled and he took my keys out of my bag.

"I'll drive."

We all walked out. It was a chilly day. Marcel got in his friends car and they drove off. Harry unlocked my car and we got in. He drove to school and he parked. We got out and everyone looked at us. We met at the back of the car and Harry grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. Luckly we have study hall together. We walked into school and Sara and Ricky looked at me. I gave them a reassuring look and they both laughed. The day went on and at the end of the school day I met Harry by my car so I could take him home. I drove this time. We got to his house and he stepped out and came to my side of the car. I rolled the window down and his sparkling green orbs just looked at me.

"Be ready by 8. I'll be picking you up. Dress nice." He bit his lip and nodded.

"Alright. See you then." He smiled and walked up to his door and stepped in disappearing from my sight

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