Beauty & Bruises

She squinted her eyes as the pain of her father hitting her was getting to be to much, she knew if she continued living with her abusive mother & father that she would soon be pretty much dead, she was a popular girl, beautiful, rich, but no one knew the secret life she had at home.


1. Chapter 1-

I shut my eyes and let out a quite cry for help as my father pushed me against the wall and punched my side. I knew if I had screamed any louder he would have just hit me harder. He stepped back and looked at me as I slid down the wall onto the floor and cried while looking at him and my mother laughing at me. My mom stepped closer to me and grabbed my hair and pulled me up and kneed me right in the stomach causing me to bend over. She put her mouth next to my ear.

"Now next time don`t be a little slut and listen to us."

 I nodded and ran upstairs to my bedroom. I went into my bathroom and pulled my shirt off and looked at my side. I had bruises every where, I hated that my parents did this to me. I silently cried while opening my cabnint door, I pulled out a razor and walked into my shower. I sat down and put it to my thigh, I cut my thighs until I felt like stopping. They were never deep, but I cut in places no one would see, I would still be able to wear shorts with no one noticing. I had a few on my wrist, but no ever noticed.

I stopped and cleaned myself up and went to bed. I was just hoping school would come faster, like no other teenager I loved school, I was far away from my parents and I didn`t have to come home right away. I had no boyfriend so I usually went to my friends house.

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