Best Vacati(s)on(g) Ever

I have planned everything properly.This vacation had to be perfect.But for some fucking reason,everything went wrong,but at the same time,it worked.And at the end of the holidays,it was the best vacation ever.


1. Yellow Card

I didn’t need compassion of a fucked fat. All I needed was a vacation. Vacations of that school. Vacation of those fucked people. Vacations of everyone who did not understand me. Vacation of anything that could make me unhappy.

A red clock stuck on the wall above a table scribbled with sermons and thanks were the only things that held my gaze. That old spoke something about my behavior during lessons, and tried to negotiate a punishment for me, who have put firecrackers inside the pom poms of Bitches Dancers, on the most important football game of the century. Well, honestly, I did it because the fact of seeing 20 retarded girls wearing clothes whose womb was completely exposed didn’t make me happy. And see prostitutes running the court left me satisfied enough to not punish them later.

-We only want your good, dear! And so we can live peacefully, we need your cooperation. Your notes can be exemplary, but your behavior has been devastating in recent years. BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHIMABITCHBLAHBLAHBLHA .... is willing to do this?

For a moment I yawned, trying to look pretty tired so she could tell me to leave soon.

-It what?

-This punishment! You’re able to bear the consequences?

-My god, lady! What the fuck did you say? - I noticed she widened those droopy eyes and smeared for poor quality mascara.

-Girl! What language is this?! You're talking to your director. Where are your manners? – I laughed. Already formulating a simple and polite answer.

-In my ass!

I took it ease and realized that Miss Jenkings was not happy with my answer. Well, that was expected. I got up, guessing that nothing would come out of her mouth but a lot of unnecessary air. My boots made noise until I stopped in front of the board door. Because of a shaky and authoritative voice.

-Miss Christina! - I heard her old hopping bouncing on the shiny floor, and so I was designed to take a small yellow paper in hand. - Sincerely ... I think there is no other way to make you a good girl, if not with a very strict punishment! For now it is only! See you next week! Have a good afternoon!

I was escorted out of there. Don’t giving myself the work of reading the damn paper. Not at the moment. I waited to get some very full place, so there could be witnesses of my death, which was caused by “Miss Puff two”. It was a yellow paper. Yellow. A fucking Yellow. The pain’s color. She would not give me the yellow paper if it was not a worse punishment than being fucked in front of the parents. Well, I cannot seem to connect, but the truth is that I'm shitless scared. And if this punishment would ruin my vacation? That would not be even a little cool. Now I’m beginning to regret having said "in my ass” face to face of “the chubby”. Maybe if I had not said I could jinx surfers in California’s beach, paint my hair and I impersonate another person, buy liters of Vodka and make a house party every Friday, fuck someone , invade Kylie’s house and steal your puppy Chanel, make a flash-mob, become more tanned than Beyonce, and other million things that only an abnormal person like me would do on vacation ...

Usually walked down the empty corridor that led me straight to the cafeteria, unwrapping that "Charter of evil." I did not expect that my breathing was interrupted while reading it. But the words "FIFTEEN DAYS", "COMMUNITY WORK", "TO HELP PEOPLE WITH CANCER", "SCHOOLS OF MUSIC TO THE ELDERLY", "CLEANING", "NO REWARD", "UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER", were sufficient for this .

Some bitch opened the doors of that place full of crazy teenagers, revealing an "I" totally devastated, and recently, FUCKED!



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