Marcel was the nerdy kid . Getting bullied , he was used to . But falling for someone was the the hard part . Will he change In what way ? Find out in Transformed ;D



2. Perfect

I started to walk to my next class . When I walked in , I saw a bunch of guys trying to flirt with her . I sorta felt What's the word ? Jealous ...

I walked in and I saw Georgia's head pop out from the crowd of dudes 

"Marcel ! " she said in a very bubbly mood

"Hi Georgia" I said 

She sat down and I was just staring at her . She pat the seat next to her and she put her bag on the chair on the other side of her to prevent others to sit next to her . I couldn't help but to feel intimidated . The whole group of guys that were with Georgia were just standing in the same spot just staring me down . I felt a hand on my shoulder and I flinched .

"Marcel ? " She squeeked

"mmh " i said with my head down

"Stop worrying about those guys . They won't hurt you . They're just jealous . okay Marcel ? " 

"Okay Georgia " and i lifted my head up so our gazes could meet . We slowly started leaning and and then "Morning Class !" and our heads snapped to the teachers direction . 

Under the table I felt Georgia grab a hold of my hand . I don't know how to react . This is all new to me . I haven't been this close to a girl none the less almost kiss one . Something about Georgia is just .. she's just "perfect" I said quietly 

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