She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


63. Chapter 63

Chapter 63

Audrey's POV

A few hours had passed now, and I was about to start getting ready for my date with Zayn. I still couldn't decide if I was looking forward to it or not. Well whether I was or not, I was going whether I liked it or not. I just need to remember what Anne said, just give Harry some time and just talk to him tomorrow. 

I looked at the time and figured I should go get dressed and ready. I got up from the couch that I had moved to earlier and started walking to my room. I was praying that I wouldn't run into Harry again, or I might just break down and forgive him when he looks at me with all the sadness and guilt in his eyes.

I let out a 'thank you' once I got into my room and closed the door, making it there without seeing him. 

I walked over to my closet, and thought of what I should wear. I didn't have as much clothes as the average person, because I wouldn't let Anne buy me a full wardrobe of clothes, it just didn't seem right. 

I finally decided on some dark jeans, and a pink sheer floral top with a pink tank top under. I changed in my room, and then headed to the bathroom to fix my hair and put on a minimal amount of makeup. Thankfully I didn't run into Harry. 

I opened the bathroom door, not expecting anyone to be in there, considering it wasn't locked, but I was wrong. Harry was in there. Nothing explicit, he was just washing his hands, but it still scared me a bit causing me to slightly jump back.

"Hey Audrey," he smiled "You know some people like to knock before entering a bathroom." he joked.

"Some people like to lock to the door." I said matter-of-factly, but still with a joking tone.

"Got me there. Sorry I thought I locked it." he said.

"Its fine." I answered.

I noticed he was looking me up and down, and I started to feel a bit self-conscious.

"Um..." I trailed off.

He snapped out of it and readjusted himself and looked up, fumbling with his hands.

"Sorry" he mumbled so silently it was hardly audible. "Um you, you look nice." he said.

"Thanks." I replied. 

"So are you done in the bathroom or...?"

"Oh yeah sorry, its all yours." he said.

I thanked him and closed the door behind me, making sure it was locked. I opened the drawer that I had claimed as mine; it has all of my things in it. I grabbed the hairbrush and brushed my hair. I contemplated on whether to leave it down or actually do something with it. I went with the first option. Then I got out the items of makeup that I owned.

I put on the foundation and blush, and after many failed attempts I finally managed to put on a decent line of eyeliner on both eyes. I looked at my finished result, and then walked back to my room.

I looked at the clock by my bed to see how much time I had until Zayn came. I had about 30 minutes. I grabbed a pair of boots from the closet and put them on. I was just going to stay in here until they told me Zayn was here.

Harry's POV

I went back into my room after Audrey went into the bathroom. I was having multiple arguments with myself, and multiple questions I was asking myself. Why didn't I lock the bathroom door? Well probably because I guess I was secretly hoping she might wander in, giving me an excuse to talk to her. Okay that was an answer to one question. Some things I was asking myself were questions that always result in 'why did I do that moments.' For example, you'd like I'd have learnt by now how to subtly check someone out, but I ended up making it pretty obvious.

This was just in the hallway, I had many more arguments with myself, like I seem to do a lot, but like I said I had many more arguments with myself once I walked into my room and threw myself face down on my bed. 


A few minutes had passed, maybe twenty?

But I was still lying on my bed, when I heard the doorbell ring. Oh great, Zayn's here, I thought to myself. I got myself out of bed and went to the door. I saw my mum also heading towards the door to open it but I stopped her.

"I got it mum." I said to her.

She gave me a look that said many words, most of them being 'don't mess this up and don't you dare start yelling at Zayn.'

I just nodded showing I understood why she was looking at me like that, and she walked into the kitchen, which had a quick access to the door, if needed.

I opened the door to reveal a smiling Zayn. His smile faded once he saw that I was the one answering the door.

"Where's Audrey?" he asked.

"In her room." I said. 

"Well, can you get her?"

I just rolled my eyes and went to get Audrey while he walked in.

I walked over to Audrey's door and knocked on it

"Audrey, Zayn's here." I told her through the door, and then walked away before she opened the door.

I walked back to the doorway, and Zayn wasn't there. He probably went into the kitchen where my mum was. I went to the kitchen, and sure enough there was.

"Audrey should be out here any second." I said and walked to the other side of the kitchen.

We all just sat in silence for a few more seconds until Audrey walked into the kitchen.

"Hey" she said to no one in particular.

"Hey" Zayn said deciding it was for him.

He got up from where he was sitting at the table and went over to Audrey.

"Well we will see you later." Zayn said, and him and Audrey headed to the door to leave.

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