She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


59. Chapter 59

Harry's POV

I couldn't have been any happier right now. Audrey forgave me, she kissed me, and now I was just waiting for her answer on our date. I pretty much knew the answer; I don't think she would say no.

"Audrey?" I asked, and she snapped out of whatever she was thinking about.

She hadn't answered yet; she looked like she was deep in thought. I was wondering what she could've possibly been thinking about.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked her.

"Oh um nothing, its never mind." she hesitated.

"Its just what?" I asked really curious as to what she was going to say.

"Its just that I um... I kind of maybe promised Zayn that I would go to dinner with him on Saturday." she told me.

"What?" I said raising my voice a little.

She just nodded.

"Why Audrey? Why would you do that?" I said standing up.

"Because Zayn was being sweet to me when you were being a jerk." she said to me.

"So you just go on a date with me?" I asked getting mad.

"Yes, we asked me so I decided to give him a chance." Audrey said, now standing up as well.

"Well did you just forget that you had already agreed on a date with me?" I asked raising my voice a bit more.

"No, I didn't forget. But as I mentioned before, you were being a jerk at the time that he asked me!" Audrey said also raising her voice.

"Well you're not going right?" I asked.

"You know I was about to say that I wasn't, but you started yelling at me before I got the chance to." She began

"So now I think that I am going to go on a date with Zayn." she finished.

"Oh no you are not!" I yelled.

"Oh yes I am!" she yelled back.

I expected my mum to come in here any minute considering how loud we were yelling at each other now.

"I asked first, so you are going with me on Saturday!" I yelled.

"Harry you sound like a little kid!" she yelled back.

I opened my mouth to say something, and then closed it realizing she was right. Then I heard the door quickly open.

"Is everything ok?" my mum frantically asked, "I heard yelling."

I just stormed out of the room. At this point I didn't care, Audrey was just going to tell her what happened and my mum will be even madder at me. I stomped down the hallway into my room and slammed the door shut, then collapsed on my bed.

Everything was falling apart again. I had Audrey forgive me, and now she was mad at me again. She would tell my mum what happened, because she tells my mum everything, and then my mum would be even more furious with me. Now she was going on a date with Zayn. I knew now that I probably just lost Audrey. Knowing Zayn, he would probably win her over pretty easily. 

I sat up on my bed, grabbed a pillow and threw it across the room. I couldn't believe Zayn right now, having the nerve to ask Audrey out.

He knew I liked her, we even promised that he would help me get her to like me again, after that whole incident with Miranda. Now that I think of it, he really didn't do anything to help me. He was probably lying about it the whole time; I'm guessing he just said it so I wouldn't be mad at him. I threw another pillow across the room, and then picked up my phone. I was going to give Zayn a piece of my mind.

Audrey's POV

After Anne came in, Harry just stormed out of the room. I really didn't blame him, he knew I was going to tell Anne what happened, and if he were in here when I did, he would be in big trouble with Anne. I mean either way he would be, but by leaving he could save himself some time before getting yelled at by his mum.

"What did he do now?" Anne asked.

By the looks of what happened, Anne could tell Harry did something again, and she was right.

I sighed and sat back down on the bed.

Anne followed, sitting down as well.

I explained to her everything that happened. Everything from me explaining to Harry what my dad was capable off, to the kiss, me forgiving him, and then how he just exploded when I told him about Zayn asking me on a date.

"I was going to tell him that I wasn't going to go on the date with Zayn, but then he just blew up in anger." I told Anne.

"I don't know what's gotten into Harry's temper. He has always had a bad one, but he can usually hold it back until someone's done explaining something." she said.

"I just don't know what to do, I hate being mad at him." I told her.

"Want to know what I think you should go?" she asked, and I nodded.

"I think you should go on that date with Zayn, and forget about Harry for awhile. Let Harry cool off and think about things, then go talk to him again and see what he has to say." she explained to me.

"Thank you so much." I said giving her a hug.

"Anytime sweetie. Now, I think I'm going to go talk to Harry." she said.

"Ok" I said returning the smile she was giving me as she got up and walked out.

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