She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


3. Chapter 3

Audrey's POV

 We eventually arrived at Harry's house. As we walking in, I was wide-eyed, the house was enormous. Harry must have seen my shocked expression.

"Pretty big isn't it?" He said and smiled, I nodded.

"Harry, you go get the first-aid kit." Anne said.

Harry went down the hall as Anne led me to the kitchen and got some paper towels to wipe up the dried blood on my face. Just as she was about to say something, Harry came in.

"I got the first-aid kit." he said. Anne took the kit, and took out some sanitizer.

"This may sting a little" she said. She put it on and I winced a little, but compared to every time I've been hurt, that was nothing. She finished up and put a band-aid on my head then got some ice for the bruise near my chin.

"Would you like something to eat?" She asked. I nodded and she started to cook up some pasta. She told me to head into the living room and sit on the coach, I did as she said and Harry followed sitting on the chair next to where I was sitting. 

Harry's POV

 Audrey was sitting in the living room and I decided to join her. Maybe I could get her to talk more, she seems like a nice girl. She didn't seem to know who I was, and it was kind of bothering me because usually I get some type of reaction.

"So Audrey, have you ever heard of One Direction?" I asked. She shook her head no. I'll have to admit I was I little disappointed, but I shouldn't expect everyone to know who I am.

My mum came in with a bowl of fresh pasta for her.

"So Audrey when you finish that, I guess when you finish that we can take you home." My mum said.

"Where do you live?" I said. She looked kind of worried, and said

"No where I guess, my dad just kicked me out." "Wait was that your dad that was hitting you?" I said, She nodded. We were shocked.

"Why would he do that?" She didn't say anything.

"Well I guess you can stay here for awhile." my mum said.


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