She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


2. Chapter 2

Harrys POV

Me and my mum helped the girl stand up. She had long brown hair and deep blue eyes, she was beautiful. She looked into my eyes with her innocent eyes. I couldn't help but feel something, but I shook away the feeling as she looked away.

"What happened?" I asked "Who was that who hit you?" She kept looking at the ground and didn't say anything.

"You need to talk to us love, we aren't going to hurt you." My mum said.

"I'm fine, it was nobody, nothing happened." She said quickly in almost a whisper. My mum pulled me away from her and whispered to me

"Harry it's obvious she's not going to say what happened, she the least we can do is take her home and fix her wounds." I nodded in agreement.

We went back over to her and told her. She looked hesitant at first, but agreed.

Audrey's POV

  I didn't really want to agree to go with them, but they seemed nice and something in my heart was telling me just to go. So I accepted and we walked back to the house.

"I'm Harry by the way." Said the curly-haired boy as he smiled at me.

"And this is my mum Anne." She smiled. I just nodded and slightly smiled and kept looking at the ground. He looked confused and a little upset.

"And your name is...?" He said

"Audrey" I whispered.

"That's a pretty name." He said. I smiled, and so did he.

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