She's Not Afraid.

about a girl named Audrey, who has been abused most of her life. one day Harry finds her beaten up in the park and takes care of her. she doesn't really like him at first, but she begins to trust him, and starts to like him, but does he like her as much as she likes him?


16. Chapter 16

Audrey's POV

 Harry wanted me to go to the studio with him today. I seriously did not want to go but I accepted, mainly because I had nothing else to do. We decided to walk to the studio. On our way there we passed a small restaurant and I couldn't believe who I saw. I stopped walking then Harry noticed I had stopped and turned to walk back to where I was.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

I didn't say anything and I just ran into the building and hugged the person I hadn't seen in years, my brother.

Harry's POV

  I was wondering what was going on with Audrey. She ran into the restaurant on the side of the street looked through the window and I saw her hugging someone. Who was it? I couldn't get any idea of who it was. Was it a friend? She said she had no family in reach that she knew of besides her dad. So I just stood outside and waited for her. After a few minutes she came back out and started walking. I didn't walk, I just stood there.

"Are you coming?" she asked turning around to face me.

"Oh um yeah" I said following her.

"So um who was that?" I asked.

"It was my brother." she said a bit quiet.

"Oh" was all I said, I really wasn't sure what to say. 

We arrived at the studio and the boys all greeted us.

"Ok Harry your up first today" Liam said. I nodded and headed to the booth.

I noticed the boys talking to her. I was trying to figure out what they were saying but I couldn't hear them.

Audrey's POV

 After Harry went into the booth it was pretty awkward because the boys kept asking me about Harry and if I liked him or not, and other stuff. All of them except Zayn were talking. While the rest of the boys were talking in their own conversations, Zayn started talking to me.

"You know Harry is just going to leave you and break your heart after a few months." he said. I gave him a confused look

"What?" I asked

"I'm just saying I'd stay away from him, you just met him and you don't know what he's like. You should just go for someone you've known for a long time." he said while saying the last part quietly.

Someone you've known for a while? What does that mean? Was he talking about himself? No, Zayn doesn't know what he's talking about about, Harry isn't going to hurt me, he wouldn't do that. Would he? I shook the thought away. He would never hurt anyone.

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