The Boy Across The Street

Jessica has just moved to the UK after her mother tragically died. She only has one friend named Alice. She is new at school and is having trouble until she meets a brown haired boy. What happens when sparks fly and jealous "friends" threaten their relationship? *first movella*


4. Chapter 4

I've managed to get through the rest of the week, and all I want to do is sleep in. I hear repeated knocks on my door. "Jessica." "Jessica?" "Jessica wake up!" I hear my dad say. Urgh. I groan and get up and open my door. "Yes?" I ask. "I have to go to work all day today, so you'll be by yourself. If you need anything, ask one of our neighbors or something." My dad says. I reply with a simple 'ok'. I can hear the car door close and the engine of a car drive off. I decided to get a jump start on my weekend home work which was surprisingly a lot for the first week of school. If only my dad could help me, but he's always busy at work. I decide to call up Liam, guessing he's awake since its 11:00. "Hey Liam?" I say. "Hey Jessica." He says, his voice sounding groggy. "I'm having trouble with algebra, could you help?" I boldly ask. His voice instantly lightens up. "Yeah! Ill be there in 10." He says. I end the call. I have ten minutes and I'm still in my pajamas. I rush to my bathroom and try to do my hair, but decide to put it in a messy bun. I put on light make up and throw some comfort clothes on. I hear a light knock on the door. I open it letting a freezing Liam inside. "Cold outside?" I ask laughing. "Just a bit." He says grinning. The weather was unusually cold this year in the fall. I let him inside as we make our way to the table with our homework. Liam is surprisingly very good at Algebra... We manage to finish most of our homework before lunchtime, and were starving. "You wanna go grab something to eat?" He asks. "Sure." I say. We walk to his car and start driving. "Where are we going?" I ask. He thinks before answering. "Just a little restaurant downtown." He says. We get out and hurry inside from the cold weather. We get seated in a table in the corner. "Hi Im Harry, I'll be your waiter..." Harry says his voice trailing off. "Hey Harry!" Liam says. Harry doesn't seem to excited today. "I didn't know you worked here?" I asked. "New on the job." Harry says. He takes our drink orders and leaves. We talk for a while, just about everything. About school, me moving, and what we liked. I found out that Liam likes to sing. "What kind of things do you sing?" I ask. "Well, everything I guess. But I don't really tell anyone I sing." Liam says, looking down at his food that had come. We eat in silence and then leave the restaurant with a strange glare from Harry. We arrive at my house minutes later. "Thank you for everything." I say. "No problem." He says heading to his car. "Liam wait!" I say. I run up to him and kiss him on the cheek. I then head inside. I look out my window to see Liam looking all happy and smiling. I look to see a text from Alice. 
Alice: What do you think you're doing with Liam?!


Sorry if it sucks. First one, just now getting the hang of it. Could you guys please like/favorite and spread the word about my fanfic? It would mean a lot! 

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