The Boy Across The Street

Jessica has just moved to the UK after her mother tragically died. She only has one friend named Alice. She is new at school and is having trouble until she meets a brown haired boy. What happens when sparks fly and jealous "friends" threaten their relationship? *first movella*


3. Chapter 3

I'm so glad Liam is in my class. I didn't want to be alone without any of my new friends. "Hey." I say. "Hey." He says smiling. Mr. Williams goes over basic algebra to review us, but I have trouble. After that first class I go to English with Zayn and Harry. The school day finally rolls on until lunch. I wait in the lunch line for some cafeteria food. Gross. I stand in the middle of the cafeteria looking for someone I know to sit with. "Hey Jessica!" I hear Alice call. She is sitting with Niall and Zayn for now. "Hey guys." I say. "So how's your first day?" Niall asks. To be honest, not so well. I'm having trouble in some classes and I don't feel like I fit in. "It's fine." I lie. Liam comes up from behind and sits on the other side of Alice. I don't get it. It seems like they like each other but I can't tell. The school day finally ends. I make my way to the end of the parking lot to walk home. I didn't want to ask for a ride from Liam, I didn't want to bother him. The school is really only 15 minutes away from my house. "Jessica, what are you doing walking home? I can drive you!" Liam says slowing down his car next to me. "You don't have to." I say. "No, come get in." He says. I nervously get in the passenger seat. My heart is beating and I have butterflies in my stomach. "So how was your first day?" He asks. "Fine I guess." I say. "What's wrong?" He asks. Well, lets see, I don't understand anything about math and I don't really fit in. "Nothing." I lie. "Jessica..." He says laughing. "It's just that I'm having trouble in algebra, and we haven't even started the hard parts yet." I say. "I can help you with that!" He says. "You're good at algebra?" I ask. "Well I have to be good at something." He says with a laugh. We finally get to my house. "If you ever need help, just give me a call. Here's my number." He says with a slight smirk. I say goodbye and enter my house. I run up to my room and freak out!! I just got my friend/crushes number! I need to ask Alice if she likes him. They're just always together. I look out my window to see Liam out front playing soccer with a blond boy who I recognize as Niall. I don't realize that I have been staring a t them until I see Niall and Liam laughing and waving to me. I duck with my back to the wall. Liam just saw me pretty much stalking him. Great. I decide to text Alice about him when Alice has already texted me. 
Alice: how was your first day?? 
Me: fine I guess. I just feel like I don't it in with Liam or Harry or with the rest of your friends. I'm the awkward new girl.
Alice: they're your friend too! And I think I know someone who really likes you ;) well gotta go and do homework!
What did she mean by someone really likes me?

Hey guys. Could you spread the word about my fanfic? It would really help! I won't be updating for a couple days, very busy week!

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