The Boy Across The Street

Jessica has just moved to the UK after her mother tragically died. She only has one friend named Alice. She is new at school and is having trouble until she meets a brown haired boy. What happens when sparks fly and jealous "friends" threaten their relationship? *first movella*


2. Chapter 2

I hear a knock at the door. I freeze and start freaking out. This is the boy who I have been crushing on all summer. I start freaking out and double check how I look in the mirror. I rush downstairs and open the door. I see a boy with brown hair who I instantly recognize. "Hey, I'm Alice's friend, Liam." He says. He has a thick British accent. "I- Im Jessica." I say. "Nice to meet you. We're going to go pick up Alice on our way to school." He says. I'm just taking everything in. My summer crush, who didn't even know I exist, is giving me a ride to school. We walk down my long driveway to his black car that fits about 5. He opens the door for me as I slide down into the passenger seat. He walks around the car and gets in. He puts the key in and turns on the car. As he reverses and backs out of my driveway, we make small talk. "So you're new here?" Liam asks. "Sort of. I move here at the beginning of summer." I reply. "Ah. I live right across the street from you." He says. I get a text from Alice. 
Alice: Have you met Liam yet? 
I think before I reply. I just think about Liam. He has that bad boy look, with dark jeans and everything, but he seems so gentle and nice. I did notice a few tattoos on his forearms. I reply back saying that he lived across from me and he seemed really nice. We pull up to Alice's house. It was big, white and was really nice compared to my house. "Nice, right?" Liam says. I had never seen Alice's house before, and she had never seen mine. I had met her because of my dad. Her mom work with my dad so they set us up so I would have a friend, and we became "besties" if you want to call it that. Liam hops out and rings Alice's doorbell. She opens the door and greets him with a hug, which confused me because I didn't know if they liked each other. They return to the car and we make our way to school. We finally arrive at school and get out of the car in the parking lot. I follow Alice and Liam to a small group of boys. "Guys, this is my friend Jessica, she moved here in the summer." Alice says. "I'm Niall." A cute blond says. "I'm Zayn." Another handsome boy says. I then met Louis and Harry. We hear the bell ring and walk inside. I fight the big crowd of students to get to my locker. I find my schedule and look to see what my first class is. Algebra. Great. My worst subject. It's in room 320. I search up and down the now deserted hallways looking for it. Great. My first day here and I can't find my class and don't know where my few friends went. "Need help Jessica?" I hear Harry say. "Yeah, do you know where room 320 is?" I ask. "It's right down here." He says leading me to a room on the far right of the long hallway. I walk in trying not to make a big deal. "Ah. You must be the new student Jessica. I'm Mr. Williams, and you're late." He says. "I'm sorry, I couldn't find this room." I say, my voice trembling. I hate the first days of school. I find an empty desk at the back of the room, wondering who my desk partner is. The door opens as Liam walks in. "Sorry Mr. Williams, got held up in the hallway." He says. "If you're late one more time, I swear..." Mr. Williams says without finishing. Liam catches my eye and make his way over to my desk, my heart pounding. 


sorry for the bad beginnings, this is my first movella and we haven't got to the good part:) bare with me!

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