The Boy Across The Street

Jessica has just moved to the UK after her mother tragically died. She only has one friend named Alice. She is new at school and is having trouble until she meets a brown haired boy. What happens when sparks fly and jealous "friends" threaten their relationship? *first movella*


1. Chapter 1

"Jessica, you're going to be late for school!" My dad screamed. It was my first day at my new school. I had moved to the UK  at the beginning of summer after my mom died. I have only met two friends since I got here, well one since the other doesn't know I exist. As I straighten my long brown hair, I look out the window to see one of my "friends" I was talking about. I have been admiring him all summer, not having enough gut to walk across the street to talk to him. He is going to my school, so I think to myself that I might be able to meet him. I grab my phone to see a text from my only real friend, Alice. 
Alice: Hey, Jessica! I got us a ride to school today from one of my friends. He lives right near you, I think. He'll be there in 10! 
Me: Um, ok I guess!
I quickly throw on colors jeans and a nice white shirt. I mean, you never know what they're like. I receive a text from dad saying that he already left for work. I look out my window seeing a black car pull out of the driveway across the street. It turns around and pulls into my driveway as I see the cute boy from across the street hop out and walk up to my door. 
Which 1D boy do you think it will be? Sorry if the beginning is bad, this is my first fanfic! If you want you can 
Read it at least? I really want to spread the word about my fanfic

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