Try Hard // h.s

Melanie had to get away from her disturbingy abusive home. Far away. When she runs away to the airport, flying to London, England, with no home to go to, she comes across a rather familiar looking passenger. Harry Styles. Will she finally have a place in London to stay? Will she fall in love with her new best friend?

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14. The Day My Heart Broke

I am now seven weeks pregnant and my ultrasound appointment was today.

"Harry?!" I yelled as I ran through the house to find him.

"In the kitchen!" He yelled back.

My heart immediately freezes everytime that I hear his voice. I walked into the kitchen, seeing him making breakfast for the three of us. He had a sparkle in his green eyes, his hair is full of messy curls, and he was standing before me, only wearing boxers. The sight of him was purely breath-taking.

He finished cooking and sat everything on three plates, bringing mine and his to the table. "Eat. Your body needs the nutrients." He smiled at me.

We both finished eating and arrived for the OBGYN appointment that I had set up for today. I groaned as she rubbed the cold jelly onto my stomache, moving the pad around to find the baby.

"Oh my.." She said, sounding saddened. "Your- your baby's heart stopped beating three weeks ago."

I was on the bridge of crying. I looked over at Harry, who held my hand, looking down at the floor. "Harold?"

He looked up at me. Tears forming in his eyes. I don't know what to say. Everything won't be okay; we just lost our baby.

A/N: Sorry for the sucky chapter. I didn't know what to say exactly. Things will get better.

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