Try Hard // h.s

Melanie had to get away from her disturbingy abusive home. Far away. When she runs away to the airport, flying to London, England, with no home to go to, she comes across a rather familiar looking passenger. Harry Styles. Will she finally have a place in London to stay? Will she fall in love with her new best friend?

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6. New Number

I went downstairs, asking Louis and Harry the same question.

"Who changed my clothes for me?" I questioned. They both looked at me, scared to answer the question. "I'm not mad," I said, "Just curious."

Louis looked at Harry, then at me. "I did," Louis said, "Harry said that he would've felt a little uncomfortable if he would've."

I suddenly became curious. Why would Harry have been somewhat uncomfortbale if he would've changed my clothes for me? He's seen girls naked before, but was this something different?

I told Louis thank you and went back upstairs to change into some casual clothes. When I came back downstairs, I asked Harry if he would take me to get a new phone number. He seemed happy about this decision. I guess it was because I was going to be away from that abusive family of mine.

Harry took my hand and led me to the car, and then drove me to the nearest store compatible with my device. He explained that I needed a new number, not a new phone. They happily complied.

Before I had gotten my new number, I had a couple missed calls and texts from my dad. The last text read "Where are you? I need my punching bag and there are things I need you to do to me;)" I wasn't the one who read that last text, though. Harry was. He was horrified at the text and deleted it immediately.

No one except for Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn had my new number. Harry was always calling me, making sure I was okay, while he and Louis weren't home.

I had never felt so safe in my life.

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