Try Hard // h.s

Melanie had to get away from her disturbingy abusive home. Far away. When she runs away to the airport, flying to London, England, with no home to go to, she comes across a rather familiar looking passenger. Harry Styles. Will she finally have a place in London to stay? Will she fall in love with her new best friend?

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9. I Couldn't Believe It

Since I woke up to find Harry sleeping on my floor that morning, I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. He was drop dead gorgeous, and he was really sweet, nice, and funny. No one was ever as nice to me as Harry was. I took a deep breath and sighed. No one as famous as Harry was would ever in a million years like me, not the way that I like him.

I was in my bedroom, laying down to get a nap in, when Harry walked into my room and layed down in my bed, beside me. He looked at me with a sweet, sincere smile and looked into my eyes.

"Let's play twenty questions," he said to me, gently stroking my cheek and placing a strand of my hair behind my ear that had fallen into my face.

I laughed and slipped out, "Sure, you first, but fair warning, I'm not good at that game." Why did I want to play this game? I hate it and am definitely not good at it. Was it my infatuation on Harry that made me want to play? I looked from his eyes, to his lips, to his chest, and even lower, then back into his eyes.

"How old are you?" he said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"18, you?" He began to smile a very cheeky smile.

"I'm 19. Have you ever been in love?" He said, his smile slowly fading.

"No. I have never had a boyfriend, so I have never been in love." I said, sounding a little disappointed and happy at the same time.

He was surprised at that for some reason. Slowly, his smile began to grow again. "So, I guess that means you're a virgin?"

His words surprised me, maybe even more than I had surprised him. "No." I said, looking down, more than disappointed.

We sat for a few minutes, discussing why I had never had a boyfriend and how my father would rape me.

He lifted my chin so that my eyes were staring back into his. This time, I noticed the color. His eyes were a beautful green. I had never seen this eye color on anyone ever, and it was beautiful. I could melt into his eyes for forever.

"Would you like it if someone really loved you and made love to you, meaning something to the both of you?" He sounded very sincere in his question. He was a bit nervous, though, for some reason, and it was obvious.

I nodded, indicating a "yes" and the words just slipped out of his mouth,"I love you, Mel."

My eyes widened and suddenly I thought that I was dreaming. Did he really just say that he loves me? I pinched myself; I was definitely awake. "I.. I love you, too." The words just slipped out, without me thinking about what to say. My hands instantly landed over my mouth. What did I just say?

He laughed a sweet, intoxicating laugh and moved my hands from over my mouth. "Don't be embarrassed," he said. "You shouldn't be embarrassed, anyways." I sighed and closed my eyes. Harry took this as an invite to kiss me. Our lips were suddenly connected, and my body felt electrified. I tried to pull away and gasp for air, but the moment that my mouth had opened, Harry stuck his tongue inside and ran it along mine.

I had never felt this way before. No one had ever loved me, really love me, before.

My hands wrapped around his neck as his hands found my waist. He pulled me closer, so that our bodies were almost touching. I gasped in the middle of our kiss, and he gently pulled away.

"Are you okay?" he said softly, showing how much he really cared as he wiped a few tears that began to fall.

I nodded, "No one has ever loved me or even cared for me the way that you do."

His eyes widened. "No one?" he questioned.

I shook my head, "No one."

His eyes suddenly rushed with sadness as he pulled me even closer to him and kissed the top of my head. We layed like this for only a few moments, and I fell asleep in his arms.

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