Double Identity

Brooklynne moved from her small town school to a big high school after her parents struck it rich. She had to leave all her real friends behind and now make new ones. Will this be an easy task or will the Styles twins prevent this from happening?


8. 8


   Harry put his hands on my waist, "Come on love" i smacked his hands and pushed him away, "NO" i started down the stairs to marcel but louis caught up to me and slung me over his shoulder, "NO PUT ME DOWN" i kicked and screamed all the way to the guest room. Louis threw me on the bed and harry was right behind him, "You're lucky love i stopped home before i came here" he threw 2 pairs of handcuffs at louis, "You deal with her i'll be back, make sure you take her shirt off before you cuff her" the harry left. Louis looked at me and i tried to make a run for it but it didnt work. He sat me on the bed and sat on my stomach with each of his legs at my sides, "Louis please let me go" "No can do" he took my shirt off then put my left hand in the cuff then the other end to the bed post, "Please louis" i started to cry and he did the same with my right hand, "Dont cry, he wants you to not enjoy this just dont cry" louis was actually helping me out a little, "i dont know why he wants to handcuff you, they hurt dont they?" i nodded, "Im sorry" he wiped the tears off my face and kissed my cheek, "Just do what he says and you wont get hurt" he went and sat at the end of the bed looking down at his hands. 


   I went down where marcel was and picked him up. I carried him into brooklynne's room and layed him in the bed. I dont know why louis pushed him down the stairs i mean he's still my brother and i love him and cared about him. I went and got a wash cloth and wiped a little blood from his nose and from a small cut on his forehead. I watched him a minute and he was breathing ok so i left.


   Harry came in and looked at louis, "Whats wrong lad" "Harry i cant do this" "More for me" he looked at me and he looked so scary, he was really tall and he was shadowy in the room. He took his shirt off and came and sat in the same position louis was in over me. I am not going to cry but i was so close. He started kissing my neck and went to the same spot louis left a painful mark and started sucking on it again, i gasped and couldnt help but cry it hurt so bad. I looked down at Louis and he was looking at the wall. I felt harrys finger tips line my pants then he took them off and did the same with his, "This has to be quick before marcel wakes up" he whispered in my ear, "harry no please dont" he slipped my underwear off and then his boxers. I felt his fingers inside me and he was also rubbing my clit, i was so overwhelmed, "Do you like this?" he whispered, i nodded remembering what louis said. My wrists were on fire because i was tugging at the cuffs so bad. He stopped and kissed all the way up my body. I was scared for whats next. Im a virgin. "You a virgin babe?" i nodded and he smiled, "This is going to be fun" and thats when marcel barged in, "HARRY GET OFF OF HER" he ran over and shoved harry off the bed and louis just stood up and left the room. Marcel walked over to harry, "Give me the keys harry" "For what my dear brother?" "THE HANDCUFFS HARRY" "Nope" marcel kicked harry in the ribs and reached in his pockets and got the keys. He reached for my left wrist and undid it and did the same with the right, "Come on" he took my hand and drug me down the hall passing my room and into my moms room because my door was broken. He went in my moms closet and got me a shirt and sweat pants. I put them on really fast and hugged marcel crying, "Its ok im here now he wont touch you ever again" i cried in his chest and he picked up my arms and looked at my wrists that were a little bloody from me tugging so hard, "Babe im sorry" "Its not your fault" we sat on the bed and i sat on his lap and he petted my hair, "Its ok i promise i'll protect you better" we sat on the bed together for about 5 minutes before harry had busted down my moms door.

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